Their demonstration led to …CARNAL CONFINEMENT!


Three young law students get coerced into joining in a demonstration at their college. Too late they find they have been duped by the organizers.



Jennifer and her two girlfriends are law students at a state college in Florida. They are approached by an activist organizer to join in their demonstration for changes at the university. Something as law students would be a good experience.

The unwitting coeds agree to what they think is a worthwhile cause but learn too late they have been used for a completely different agenda, and the girls are embroiled in rioting and confrontations with the police where Jennifer accidentally rips off a female police officers shirt.

When the girls look around, all the leaders of the demonstration are long gone and the girls are arrested. Because it is Friday afternoon, they are forced to remain in confinement over the weekend and soon learn the police plan to teach the young girls a lesson.

The lesson they learn is a comprehensive education in sex, unlike any sex education, the girl ever attended in their lives. Resistant at first the girls realize the best decision is to suck it up and make the most of their time in incarceration.

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