AN EROTIC VANTAGE POINT…is something to have!


Three lesbian strangers, Peta, Feema, and Cynthia meet in Key West and spend the most erotic day of their lesbian lives.



Peta has flown down from Toronto to Key West in search of rest, relaxation, warm beaches, and sex. Not necessarily in that order.

When Peta arrives at the beach, it isn’t long before she meets up with Feema, a Hispanic school teacher from Miami. Feema’s interests mirror those of Peta and the two woman try to find as many places to get naked together as they can.

The day moves to evening and the two new friends decide to go clubbing. They select the Bare Assets Club, a place where lesbians go to party, dance, and hook up. The two new friends soon find another woman Cynthia that seems to be interested in them. She joins them on the dance floor and find they have quite a bit more in common that just sexual preferences.

Cynthia is also from Canada, Montreal actually and looks to be an identical twin to Peta. The sexually charged atmosphere of the club, and the tension between the to twins, turns into a competitive situation, with poor Feema forced to watch from the sidelines.

Peta and Cynthia challenge each other to several contests: Muscle posing, leg wrestling and finally a sex-fight. Leaving the club, the three head to a secluded beach to find the top Canadienne.

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