Virtual Reality can play tricks on your mind…


Abby and Bethany meet just outside a night club as Bethany is leaving alone. Abby offers her a ride home. A ride the would change Bethany forever.



Bethany had been clubbing all evening and was preparing to leave, alone, when she meets an attractive young woman just outside the door of the club. A brief conversation and the woman, Abby, invites her to her place for drinks.

Abby is the perfect host and fixes the two of them a couple potent drinks made with her special recipe, she says, and the effects start to cloud Bethany’s judgment almost immediately. Urgently wanting leave, Abby convinces her to wait and she will take her back to her place after she finishes her drink. Bethany is out cold before she ever finishes it.

A nude Bethany awakes in a cellar, bound, and chained, and confused. Next Abby shows up also nude and proceeds to reveal the reason for her captivity. Over the next several days, under the influence of a special concoction of Ketamine and LSD, she calls Kacid, Bethany experiences things that defy possibility. She is unable to distinguish between reality and imagination.

Abby is so confident that Bethany has been subdued by the drug and won’t escape, gives Bethany free reign of the house. That is when the captured girl stumbles across the diabolical plans Abby has put together, stalking her victims, experimenting on them with mind-altering drugs, and using them as their own personal sex toy.

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