A search for a housekeeper has never been such fun for Ellen… DOMESTIC SEDUCTION

A search for a housekeeper has never been such fun for Ellen…..


Ellen Connor has assumed the position of Estate Manager in Gibraltar, when she gets there her first task is to hire a domestic housekeeper.



Ellen Connor moved to Gibraltar at a civil service job after graduation from University. Realizing if she wanted to remain on Gibraltar, she needed to find a job in finance. She worked at several Financial Houses to gain experience and finally was awarded a position as an Estate Manager in an out of the way area near Funchal.

Her first duty as the manager is to replace the previous domestic housekeeper due to her retirement. Ellen struggles for a while finding a suitable candidate until she gets a lead on a young woman who was returning home after working on a cruise ship for several years.

Ellen interviews the young Moroccan girl, Janey Khay, and Ellen feels she is an ideal fit. The two of them seem to complement one another and this allows Ellen to focus on other necessities she must attend to; like finding a compatible lesbian lover. Pickings are slim in the small island country.

Things get interesting after that on the estate when Ellen unexpectedly walks in on Janey taking a bath. The electricity is sparked and both are charged with the sexual attraction, and for the next several weeks it becomes a cat and mouse game of which woman will seduce the other.

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