After much deliberation, Hannah, decides to have an intimate piercing and finds a suitable establishment in a city 100 miles away. The experience is shocking to her in more ways than one.



Hannah drives nearly 100 miles to have an intimate piercing done by a female technician, Lita. The experience is made memorable by the beauty of the technician, and her quirky approach to the procedure.

The experience leaves an impression on both women, and over time the two become good friends. In Hannah’s mind, there is hope for a romance, but she fears that Lita’s feelings are much more frivolous than her own. Lita’s a woman who lives for the moment.

During their long-distance friendship, Hannah usually goes to Lita’s place, because she lives in a big city and there is more to do socially. Eventually, though, Lita agrees to come to visit Hannah and it has Hannah on pins and needles getting ready for Lita’s visit.

The visit is enjoyable, yet Lita decides she wants to do more than dance, as Hannah suggests, and comes up with something a bit more physical and radical. The horseplay that Lita suggests ends up being just as quirky as the session where she gave Hannah her piercings. Leaving Hannah to wonder if Lita is just teasing her and is not into relationships; or is it something else?

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