The long-awaited Prequel to my best selling story ever…

Before ‘The Mistress and the Stepmother’, there was OLIVIA’S HUMILIATION!

A prequel to the bestselling ‘The Tale of the Mistress and the Stepmother’. A look at Olivia as she entered the BDSM lifestyle.


The Tale of the Mistress and the Stepmother

Olivia’s Humiliation 

Olivia, Dominating Mistress extraordinaire was once submissive and how she got into the lifestyle, to begin with. The story begins while Olivia is reminiscing about her move to Cincinnati her home town, and her first taste of the lesbian submissive life with Jacqueline, the Head of the School where she works.

Olivia’s father had gotten her a job with Jacqueline since she used to work with him. She is introduced to her strict supervisor, Elizabeth on her first day of work. The next surprise for Olivia comes after Jacqueline’s intimate revelation on her first day of work. That the longtime friend of her family is a lesbian.

Intrigued, Olivia finds a way to convince her benefactor Jacqueline into introducing her to lesbianism and enters into an affair eye’s wide open. What she didn’t realize was the rough style of lesbian love Jacqueline was into. The innocent young Olivia is given a crash course in submissiveness and then taken to a party of Jacqueline’s like-minded friends.

She is blindfolded and runs through her paces by the hostess of the party. She is used and abused by the mystery hostess while the other guests video and photograph the action that takes place. The nagging idea of being outed at work goes through Olivia’s mind briefly and then forgotten. Until she is given the shock of her life during a conversation with Elizabeth at work the following morning.

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