Even Toto knew they were…NOT IN KANSAS!


Part-time store clerk and full-time college student, Dottie Garland gets invited to the grand opening of a new exclusive lesbian dance club by the beautiful owner herself.



It was another day at the Ruby Slipper Boutique, Dottie was stocking shelves from a ladder when a tall beautiful woman entered the shop. She was promoting a new club she was opening and want to put the announcement in the shop window.

As a favor for the permission to place the announcement, she gives Dottie tickets to the grand opening, much to Dottie’s delight and surprise. The gift has the effect of rising the young co-ed’s anticipation for the opening night. All the while thinking only of the beautiful owner, Jacqui.

Dottie arrives, looking for the beautiful owner who is nowhere to be found. This, however, gives her a chance to grab a drink from the bar. While drinking her beer, she is amazed at the diverse group among the patrons. This compels her to go out to the dance floor and meet and dance with some of the patrons.

Several partners later, Dottie’s dancing is interrupted by none other than Jacqui the beautiful club owner. She cuts in and begins dancing with Dottie. The physical attraction between the two causes them to leave the club and continue their newfound carnal enjoyment back at Jacqui’s apartment.

Once there, both women confess their attraction to one another and the two retire to Jacqui’s bedroom to begin yet another kind of dance. The intense attraction builds into a frenzied lust and the young girl has a transcendental experience from the body shaking orgasm Jacqui gives her. Leaving Dottie confused by happy.


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