From the Cabin in the Woods to…CABIN FEVER!


Two old friends, Robyn and Valerie leave their stuffy class reunion early and head back to Valerie’s cabin to renew their friendship.



Valerie and Robyn haven’t seen each other in several years. A lot has changed for both of them in that time, and when they see each other at their class reunion there is much to talk about.

Both have a secret they are anxious to tell each other but the setting offers too little privacy and they decide to go to the out of town girl, Valerie’s place. It’s a rustic cabin situated on a state park lodge area.

The weather turns nasty right after the women get to the cabin and it seems the atmosphere in the cabin is charged with the electricity of the storm and things begin to heat up. First one then the other begins to reveal some of the intimate details of things that have happened in the time since they last saw each other.

One is going through a divorce, the other ‘outs’ herself as a lesbian to her friend. Like a fiery catalyst, the tension builds as the shock to each is jarring. Each is afraid they will cause a rift in their friendship.

Like a dam bursting, more secrets come out, and along with the amount of wine they are drinking both realize they are facing an explosive situation. Their problem and how to solve it comes to a head and they let the electrically charged, cabin fever run its course.

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