WATCH: British car ad is actually a beautiful lesbian love story

I feel a lot could be said about this article but I believe the only real outstanding thing about it, is that it is done with style, and beautifully presented. Regardless of gender preference. 

Metro Weekly

Washington’s LGBTQ Magazine

French automaker Renault has released a car commercial that is leaving viewers in tears.

By Rhuaridh Marr on November 12, 2019 @rhuaridh

Photo: Screenshot / YouTube

Lesbian Photo for 14MAY20

Airing in the U.K., the ad is ostensibly to sell the brand’s subcompact Clio hatchback — but it’s actually a beautiful lesbian romance that just happens to feature cars.

Celebrating 30 years of the Clio, it follows a young girl from Britain who heads to France on a summer vacation to stay with another family who have a daughter of similar age.

As a slow cover of Oasis’ “Wonderwall” by singer Rahel Debebe Dessalegne plays in the background, the girls connect over successive vacations until, as teenagers, romance starts to bloom.

The ad has everything, from burgeoning young love, to parental rejection, to missed opportunities, to ultimately a happy ending, complete with a new set of youths to enjoy… the new Renault Clio, we guess?

Still, the need to sell a car notwithstanding, this is a lovely, inclusive ad that could have easily featured a heterosexual couple, so kudos to Renault UK and ad agency Publicis.Poke for going the extra mile.

Adam Wood, Marketing Director at Renault UK, said in a statement: “We wanted to humanize and celebrate, not just thirty years of progress of the Renault Clio, but also the progress made within culture, society and life in that time. The Renault Clio is as in tune with the times today as it always has been.”

In a statement, Dave Monk, executive creative director at Publicis Poke added: “Britain has had a love affair with the Renault Clio since the 90s halcyon days of Papa & Nicole and wind up windows.

“Many things have changed in those thirty years. While technology, design, attitudes, and culture will always shift and change, one thing will always stay the same as long as humans have hearts: the love story. This is a simple and universal tale of two souls on their own enduring journey of life, love, and passion.”

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