Abbey suffers a severe bout of depression and turns to intense exercise to cure her. One day working out she is spotted by Jason, a Underground Female Wrestling promoter and she feels she finally has the cure.



Abbey gets dumped by the guy she plans to marry. Then she learns he has been cheating on her. The effects of the breakup throw the heartbroken girl into a severe bout of depression. Trying everything she can to rid herself of the affliction she turns to physical fitness.

While she is working out, an Underground Female Wrestling promoter discovers her and offers her a job in his league. Her first match is very successful and the thrill of dominating another woman does wonders for her depression.

In her second match she is paired with a girl from Florida, Sammi Jo, and the two women go at it hammer and tong until outside intervention, from the first girl Abbey wrestled and humiliated, causes the match to get out of control and Abbey is left nude and bloody on the canvas a defeated woman.

After the match, Abbey is helped to the locker room to be tended to. She is showered, bandaged and then given a massage. Gina the masseuse, is pursuing another agenda with Abbey, besides helping the battered Abbey to convalesce. She blatantly makes lesbian advances and the dazed wrestler gets turned on and succumbs to the perversion the sexy Gina provides.

Fighting the conflicting feelings the erotic massage awakened in her, Abbey heads home and does some soul searching. She realizes that just like during the height of her depression, she needs some time to think and get hold of herself, mentally and physically. In the end she ‘cums’ to a conclusion she thinks she can live with.

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