Akiko does everything in her power to break the Cio-Cio-san stereotype!


Robyn an Uber driver is dispatched to a local hot spot to pick up a fare. Akiko a well-known local television personality happens to be her fare for the evening.



When Robyn arrives in front of the popular Cincinnati hot spot on a nasty rainy night, her fare climbs in cursing and swearing, and dripping wet.

Robyn realizes the Asian woman is not angry with her, rather in how her blind date turned out and is just venting to herself, and suffering the sound drenching she received getting to the Uber.

A bit of friendly conversation by Robyn has the agitated fare calmed down enough for them to share bits and pieces of each other’s recent romantic lives. So much so that the Television Star invite Robyn up to her suite for a coffee and more conversation.

The conversation and the coffee both help to warm the situation and their soon discussing sexual preferences and their conquests and their losses. All of this leads to a blatant invitation to a sexual encounter. The surprising turn of events has Robyn’s head spinning. Why would this beautiful and famous woman be interested in her.

The apparent one night stand is quite satisfying for both women, and the evening ends on an odd note when Robyn feels she has worn out her welcome and bids her farewell. Ships passing in the night she believes. A real shame she thinks in retrospect.


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