You’ve gotta love the Royals… see what that means in – DUCHESS OF DOMINATION!


Stacey decides to skinny dip in the deserted hotel pool early one the morning. That idea gets squashed when Ciara arrives to crash her party!



Stacey is spending the weekend at a luxury hotel; she had planned to have a rollicking good time in bed with a young girl friend, Nadia. Alas, to Stacey’s chagrin, Nadia has a case of cold feet and leaves her high and dry.

The following morning, Stacey is up at daybreak to take a nude dip in the deserted hotel pool to cool her frustrated passions a bit. But frustration will not be denied, because, Ciara also a guest at the hotel, joins the solitary girl in the pool area.

Stacey is transfixed by the appearance of the curvaceous Ciara as her stunning body effortlessly swims laps in the pool. But Stacey is busted and Ciara catches her staring after her during her swim.

Stacey’s nudity is not lost on Ciara and despite her apparent outrage at Stacey’s leering gaze, Ciara takes liberties with the naked Stacey. Stacey is lost for words by the older woman’s actions and is too stunned to resist.

Ciara senses Stacey’s vulnerability and leverages that to her advantage. What follows is a strange mixture of Bondage and Discipline, and Domination and Submission that lasts the entire day. The intensity of the day is so great, neither woman will forget the encounter. They have memories that should last a lifetime.


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