Abby needs a…LUNCH BREAK

Abby is at her wits end trying to cope with the pressures of her job. Her lover Jennifer offers her a few unexpected suggestions.

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Ready to take desperate measures to alleviate the pressure of her job, in the nick of time Abby is sidetracked by an unexpected gift from her lover Jennifer.

Jennifer is sympathetic to Abby’s situation, and offers her a couple surprising suggestions. Jennifer firmly gives her frazzled girlfriend precise directions and urges her to follow the advice as soon as possible.

The advice leads Abby to a rundown hotel in one of the seedier sides of town. The directions require her to go a specific room once she arrives at the hotel Not knowing what to expect, she enters into the hotel room.

Once inside, Abby gets a phone call from her lover and she hints that Abby is going to receive an unknown guest at the room. Soon there is a knock at the door and in comes Su Ying, a beautiful young Asian woman. Su and Jennifer are working together on Abby’s situation. Then Abby is given instructions as what to do next.

The first step of the instructions requires Abby to undress for a massage. Su then takes charge from there on in. And a wild erotic lunch break ensues.


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