Sister Joan struggles with her lesbian tendencies and tries to reconcile her urges with the vows she took.



Joan belongs to the Dominican order of nuns. Part of a Liberal branch that has esoteric ideas regarding sin and sex.

Joan is also a lesbian, and a former homeless street urchin that has been taken in by the order and educated. In addition provided with a view of the world she would otherwise never have seen.

The young nun, however, does run into problems with the Abbess of the Order where she resides. Confused by the entire fuzzy logic the nuns use to define sinful sexual activity, she is sent away on a mission to Africa, banishment disguised as an opportunity of a life time. She lands in Senegal to be exact.

In Senegal she learns of the accepted sexual mores of the Order on the dark continent. Her sexuality is tested, along with her self-control. A vow a chastity was never more in jeopardy that at the hands of the erotic ebony women of the convent in Dakar.

Joan learns her banishment to Africa isn’t permanent and soon she is back in the US and assigned to a Jesuit college where she meets another challenge in the beautiful nun Sister Christiana from France. The Frenchwoman convinces Joan that the easiest way to navigate the sexual landmines in the convent are simple if you just know how!. Christiana plans to do just that.


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