Samantha March dropped out of college after a year and decided to travel the country working as a contractor doing odd jobs.



Some people just know they are not meant to go to college, Samantha or Sam as she likes to be called came to that conclusion after her first year of college. She grew up living with an Uncle that taught her all about the building contracting business, and she was skilled as an electrician, plumber and carpenter.

So armed with her many trade skills she packed up her Land Rover and began a journey around the country, going from town to town, earning her living by doing odd jobs and moving on when the job is finished. That is until she arrived in the little town of Burlington CO.

Sam amazingly finds work quickly and not long after finds herself embroiled in all the secrets of a small town. Infidelity, lesbianism, recreational sex and much more. Dealing with philandering Gabe Hammon and his wife Elena, or Daphne who seems to be doing each of them separately. But in Jana Davis, she finds a true friend while working on one of her jobs and the Jana gives her a reason to settle down and take roots. The question is will Sam settle or will her restless mind drive her to move on.


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