8 Stupid Things Lesbians Need To Deal With

I found this little list on a great blog: Dear Straight People-July, 2015. Interesting insight and really seems to fit into the theme of this blog. I hope you find it as enlightening as I did. 

Dear Straight People July 2015

8 Stupid Things Lesbians Need To Deal With

  1. Getting asked stupid questions: The most insensitive question of them all is usually ‘If you like girls, why does your girlfriend look like a guy?’
  2. We hate men: We don’t hate men; we just aren’t attracted to them.
  3. It’s just a phase: Why do some straight people find it so hard to believe that it is possible for a woman to not be into men?
  4. Getting asked for threesomes: No, we do not want your penis anywhere near us.
  5. Lesbians can’t have sex: Oh yeah! Google it.
  6. Ellen Degeneres is our hero: Ellen is awesome but seriously, stop with all your assumptions
  7. Straight girls thinking they are irresistible: Right!
  8. An ex-boyfriend turned us into lesbians: Men have such big egos, why do they think everything is a result of them…


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