You couldn’t ask for a better collection for this weekend. The November chill and the long dark nights. A Study in Erotica will warm you up, and brighten you spirits. 

A collection of Romantic Lesbian Erotica, all focusing on the theme of Erotica.

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Five steaming hot stories, previously released, now in one volume. Here is a chance to catch up on some of Candice Christian’s earlier works.

Erotic Inspiration

Hailey finds herself on the bad side of Racquel, a girl bully, who tried to cheat off Hailey’s test. The two end up in a catfight, and the action awakens a desire in Hailey.

Erotic Depression

Boots learns at an early age she has a thing for girls, and she learns to deal with it. It’s her other proclivity that drives her to depression.

Erotic Anticipation

Hope goes out on her first free Friday night in her new town. An Out lesbian, she tries the Shag Rug Bar, a popular lesbian bar. There she meets the beautiful and surprising Bathory.

Erotic Maneuvers

Tough Girl Lea enlists in the service because a lesbian girlfriend, in the Air Force, told her it was a great way to hook up with other lesbians.

Erotic Mystery

Ginger is a top chef and has just taken a new position is another state. She moves up to a much nicer home than she had before. Unexpectedly, she meets her new neighbors in a party store while buying wine to tide her over until her own ‘cellar’ wines arrive.


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