Memorial Day Treat! Cookie Martin Returns.

Cookie Martin’s Redneck Sex Wrestling

Cookie agrees to help an old friend, Josie, train one of her proteges for an upcoming Sex Wrestling Championship. The new experience for Cookie, exposes her to some of the most erotic domination, she has ever seen as a Marine or in a wrestling match.

cookie martin wrestling cover-page-001

Cookie agrees to train Buffy for an upcoming Sex Wrestling Championship match. The All Appalachian Redneck Sex Wrestling Title.

Cookies ward draws Marla right out of the gate, and all Cookie’s training did not prepare the young wrestler for the total going over she received from Marla. Even Cookie get dragged into the foray and then everything else went to hell.

Buffy, though willing and determined, fought with a lot of heart, but was no match for Marla and submits to a complete sexual domination, the like of which, Cookie nor Buffy ever dreamed possible.

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