Mothers Wrestling Club Returns!

Strange goings on at the Mothers Wrestling Club. If you liked ‘The Surprise Package’ and ‘Fighting for Grades’ YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS TALE OF EROTIC LESBIAN WRESTLING PLUS!

A relatively unknown member of the MWC, Tuesday, shows up for an erotic tournament, and takes on Shannon. The match goes down to the wire, and the loser is left on the mat an unconscious and slimy mess.

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Tuesday works hard with her boyfriend and trainer, Bruce, to perfect her wrestling skills. By wrestling a much stronger opponent, it prepares her for grueling matches.

The Mothers Wrestling Club is holding one of its, erotic no holds barred matches off site, and Tuesday and her trainer show up just in time to fill a vacated spot in the schedule. She will be matched against Shannon, former champ and longtime veteran of the club.

The match is a three-round bout, most submissions wins. Tuesday appears to be way over matched in size, but she has a shocking surprise for the overconfident Shannon and is eager to get her hand on the former champ and reveal her surprise.

The match goes down to the wire until one of the competitors completely shocks her opponent, and drives the point home, leaving the loser out cold on the mat.

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