New from Candice Christian & 3 other, up and coming writers of Lesbian Erotica

Those of you that follow this site are aware that the primary topic is lesbian erotica. The bulk of the material is from our own Candice Christian. But there are other great writers of that genre. Today there is an offering from three other talented writers.

Samantha Todd

Rock Star

Madilyn Mansion

After you have purchased the latest offering from Candice Christian, check out three titles below. I am sure you will be pleased. We liked them here at the blog center. 


A Free Woman

Jia Jing or JJ is the president and CEO of a large international technology company, powerful in the business world, divorced and lesbian.

Riley is JJ’s PA, personal assistant, and is married to an abusive husband, that does everything in his power to keep her under his thumb. However, when her husband Miguel loses his job, he has no choice but to let Riley look for a job, a job she finds with JJ.

JJ is secretly in love with her quiet, shy PA, and plots ways to get her to get her away from Miguel and into her bed. As luck would have it, a new prescription Riley is taking, may just be the help JJ needs to get the job done and Riley, into her bed. 

Unknown to JJ, Riley is looking for any reason to leave her husband, but is hesitant because she has nowhere to go, and no money of her own. Miguel keeps tight reins of her salary. Riley prays for a way to free herself on the situation she has with her husband. So she is more than willing to see what JJ has to offer.

Click below to buy Lesbian Rise of Bliss

Lesbian Rise Of Bliss

By Samantha Todd

rise of lesbian

Get 3 Hot Lesbian F-F and Bisexual Lesbian Romance Short Stories and enjoy over 30,000+ words of the romance stories inside!

For the Melody –Lesbian Contemporary Romance
The Reality of Falling in Love–Lesbian Doctor Romance
Hear Them Roar: Bisexual Menage FFM Werewolf Romance



That’s My Pearl : A Hot Lesbian Erotic Short Story!

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Hot Lesbian
A hot lesbian erotic short story with explicit sex to read in bed time and in leisure time for both men and women. You will definitely like this story after reading…
sexy hellcats
From the dirty mind of Madilyn Mansion comes 8 naughty tales featuring anal, alpha males, femdom, romance, rough sex, BDSM, lesbians, threesomes and other erotic scenarios. 

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