Kenzi ‘The Curious Co-ed’ is looking for answers.

Kenzi is a bi-curious college student. She has mustered the courage to check out a well know lesbian club in hopes of satisfying her curiosity

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Nineteen year old Kenzi, checks out a well-known lesbian bar close to her school. The fascination over her attraction to member of her own sex, has pushed Tillie’s in hopes of finding some answers about herself

Once inside the seemingly normal club and having ordered her first beer, an attractive older woman strikes up a conversation and buys her another drink. The drink leads to a dance and the exchange of names, Ciara is the older woman and Kenzi is quickly attracted to her.

Ciara realizes that Kenzi is a newbie regarding being a lesbian, and all it entails, and calls her out on it. However, much to Kenzi’s surprise, Ciara is still interested in her. And eventually asks Kenzi to accompany back to her place.

The trip to Ciara’s pretty much answers all the questions Kenzi has about the lesbian lifestyle except one. It will several days before she receives that pleasant surprise.


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