WHAT WOULD YOU DO, IF YOU WERE…Poor, Desperate and Lesbian?

Holly is having a run of bad luck and needs a job and money. In desperation, she answers a want ad from an adult website to be in a pornographic video.



Holly is desperate, and in dire need of money. As a last resort she answers and ad in an adult website for adult film actresses, no experience needed. That fit her to a tee because she had no experience.

Surprisingly, Holly gets the job, and on the first day meets, James, the videographer and the other female actress in the production Tiffany. Tiffany is all business before the shoot, while James does his best to get Holly drunk before the shoot.

Once the camera starts rolling, Tiffany gets into character, it is also obvious, James knows his stuff also. The two women sweat up the sheets like real lovers and then the shoot is completed. When the job for the day is completed and she is asked back for a second day and learns that the theme of the second video is completely different than the one she just shot, with a lot of rough stuff.

Early the next day, before shooting begins on the next video, a special trainer visits Holly at her home. At that time, Holly is subjected to a two hour boot camp to get ready for the film, and she begins to wonder if she made a good decision taking this job. She thought she was making porno, not a martial arts video.

Holly learns that the training was well worth the time, and she equates herself well enough to get asked back for a third day, for a less strenuous video. Nonetheless Holly finds herself in hot water soon after the shoot begins. What a way to earn a buck she thinks to herself.


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