Who knows the answer? WHAT IS PLEASURE?

Alena Browne is a successful lawyer in a large firm. Her administrative assistant begins maternity leave, and HR assigns a nineteen year old bombshell that proves to be real trouble.



Alena is a true lesbian hedonist. Seeking pleasure where she can. She has been very careful to separate her sexual inclinations from her career as an attorney. That is until she is assigned a temp for her regular admin.

Cheyenne is a nineteen year old bombshell, and instantly has the lesbian hedonist Alena, eating out of her hand, and other places. Cheyenne becomes the dominant member in the relationship, and has her boss doing her bidding. Alena is even allowing the teen to humiliate her right at work.

Following a rather harsh evening of domination by Cheyenne, Alena has doubts about the future of the arrangement and takes some time away from work, to get her head back on straight. On an odd chance she learns of an elite escort service that caters to women, and sets up a fantasy evening for her and a young lesbian escort.

The interlude with the escort clears Alena’s head of all her submissive leanings, and is emboldened into searching for pleasure on her own. After an extremely raunchy hookup in a local pub, the kind Alena craves, she has the fortitude to jettison Cheyenne and begin her life anew. Starting with another expensive fantasy session to add some finishing touches to her sense of well-being.

From there life appears to be back to normal, normal for Alena anyway. So confident in her own self esteem again she takes on a part time position as an instructor at the local community college. Her courage is tested


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3 thoughts on “Who knows the answer? WHAT IS PLEASURE?

  1. I have to confess a significant level of computer illiteracy that I don’t use a Kindle. You are kind enough to read my blog. Somehow I need to reciprocate around your work.


      1. Thanks. Let me look into that. I do have a Kindle but it is an early version the screen is about the size of a pack of Marlboro 100’s, too small for me


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