Cookie opened the door quietly and headed for the easy chair in the far corner to see what Paige and Kitty might be up to.  It was her intention to say little or nothing and let Paige and Kitty focus on each other and work things out for themselves.

When she stepped into the room, she saw the back of the shorter but muscled body builder Paige standing in the middle of the mats with the taller and muscular but lighter Kitty draped over her shoulders in a fireman’s carry. They were facing away from her and didn’t see her come in.

Then Paige turned them around and Cookie could see the grins covering both Kitty and Paige’s faces.  Paige was holding Kitty up on her muscled shoulders easily but not too tightly, while Kitty was having no problem at all with her predicament of being draped over Paige’s big shoulders, with one arm wrapped around Paige’s head to hold on to her.  Both were naked.

At the same time, Cookie noticed that their two thin and tight nylon  bikinis had been tossed over to one side of the mat.  One pair was black and the other pair camo.  Paige and Kitty’s muscled bodies and skins bulged in all the right places and their bodies glistened with a light coating of oil and sweat.

`They didn’t lose any time getting started, for sure,’ thought Cookie, but she expected that.  Cookie could see that Kitty, not touching the mat and draped over Paige’s shoulders, was almost completely at the mercy of Paige, but not quite.  That is, Kitty’s free arm, from the one wrapped around Paige’s neck, reached down in front of Paige and had grabbed the front of all of Paige’s female equipment and was squeezing it tightly in her fist.  If Paige decided to dump her down on to the mat, Kitty might shred all of Paige’s valuable equipment as she went down.

By the grins on their faces, Cookie could see that neither one was having any problem with that predicament.  Paige then began to turn around on the mat, but circled just once, and that only slowly, so that Kitty wouldn’t get dizzy. Then she dropped down to her knees on the mat and let Kitty go to slide off her back down to the mat while Kitty released her hold on Paige`s shaved pussy  in return.

Kitty recovered first and got on Paige’s back while Paige was on her hands and knees.  Once Kitty mounted Paige her next more was to wrap her longer legs around Paige’s solid lower body to get her in a lower body scissors.  Then she wrapped her arms around Paige’s torso to grab the body builder’s full breasts in her hands and began to crush them in her fists to control Paige`s upper body. Paige had no problem with either of Kitty’s moves or holds on her.

Then it seemed to Cookie, as both wrestlers were nude, as she saw Kitty’s clit was now already poking out from between her pussy lip,  aroused by their wrestling around, that she might also be trying to jam her thumb deep into Paige’s butt.  Cookie couldn’t see for the moment whether Kitty’s thumb had gotten into Paige yet, or if it was just pressing into the deep canyon of Paige’s butt.  Either  way, Paige wasn’t making any complaint about the matter, for sure.

Cookie knew that when she was in the same position as Paige, while she didn’t care to have another wrestler’s thumb jammed into her body, she had no problem with the other woman trying as long and as hard as she liked, while Cookie liked just as much the feel of it and resisting it.  Paige took it for a couple of minutes to let Kitty see what she could do and take her punishment, and then she began to move back against Kitty.

She knew Kitty had wrapped her legs around her lower body and wouldn’t be able to free them up too quickly. So she reached up one of her hands to Kitty’s bear hug on her to hold her in place, and then rolled both of them over on the mat until now Kitty’s back was on the mat with Paige’s muscled body fully on top of her.  Cookie knew Kitty would have no problem with that at all.  Kitty always liked the feel of Cookie’s big body on top of her.  She knew, in fact, she’d like to have Paige’s muscled body on top of her too just as much.  Kitty had kept her body scissors on Paige, however, and so now she crossed her ankles directly above Paige’s crotch and began to smash her heels down against Paige’s naked cunt as hard as she could.

At the same time, she again grabbed both of Paige’s big breasts in her fists to squeeze them again as hard as she could, but then also moved one of them up to bring against Paige’s face, open palmed, to distract her that way, and pull Paige’s head back closer to her own head.  Kitty didn’t know it, but this predicament that Paige was now in, and the punishment Kitty was giving her, always felt real good to her in other wrestling matches and what her sheriff’s training had trained her to take, so she was in no hurry to escape Kitty’s holds and punishment on her. ..END OF FREE SAMPLE.

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