A New Take on ‘Urban Cowgirl’

Lindsey stops to pick up a hitchhiker, Marti, and soon her world changes forever. Little did she know what kind of impact the topless dance would have on her and soon, It is not long before the two women are lock in a heated embrace in the front seat of Lindsey’s truck. And it gets real steamy from then on.


LOVING LINDSEY cover final (1)

A Sexy bartender in a small Alabama town, stops to pick up a hitchhiker on her way home from work. She learns the hitchhiker’s name is Marti and she is a stunner herself.

Their conversation allows them to better know each other and Lindsey decides to stop for something to eat. That is where Marti really blindsides Lindsey

During the diner, Marti becomes an aggressive slut. She fondles Lindsey in the restaurant and kisses her passionately. Much to Lindsey’s surprise she is turned on by these actions.

These actions are not lost on Lindsey’s friend Lee Anne. How will she react to the way Marti flaunts her affection for Lindsey?


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