300 Pages of Erotic Fiction: Exquisite Eight.

An Exquisite selection of Eight highly erotic tales of lesbian romance and other interesting pursuits.



Destiny’s Child: Andrea, an art expert, spends her life in search of an honest unselfish relationship.

Andrea an art expert, and Melody a social worker are destined for each other. They don’t know that though. The path they each take is quite dissimilar and, Andrea travels an arduous road, looking for love and romance.

The Slick Spot: Two Business Women Meet in a Small Town in Kentucky

Meghan and Emily meet in the hotel of a small town in Kentucky. Both are there for business. The small hotel bar is filled with men but only the two women.

Sweet Cheeks: Robin and Lori Win a Free Bahama Cruise

Grabbing the tickets and quickly walking out of the travel agency, Robin had been pretty pleased with herself.

An Eye for Trouble: Aubry’s New Neighbors are not what they seem.

Aubry has just moved to her new home in the Great Lakes. By happenstance she meets her new neighbors in a wine store. The three of them hit is off from the start.

Mothers Wrestling Club – A Story of Joy: A three day snapshot in the life of Joy, an original member of the Wrestling Mothers Club

Joy starts out her week helping a friend with a wrestling related issue. Dani her friend and coworker has lined up a match with an English woman, and holds the match at Joy’s house.

Mothers Wrestling ClubBETTER THAN SEX!

Brittany, a college student, has two pressing issues. First, she has an almost obsessive passion for wrestling, men or women. And two, she has a professor, Meghan, that absolutely can’t stand her at all. In fact the professor goes out of her way to antagonize Brittany.

Mothers Wrestling Club: THE LESBIAN SESSIONS: 

Liz enters a Waffle House, late in the evening for something to eat, after an earlier appointment. When she arrives she notices a young girl in her yoga classes, Nancy, and they begin a conversion that takes many unusual twists and turns.

A Close Shave: Anna Finds Robin Along the Side of the Road Soaking Wet.

Robin is waiting for a ride to class on a rainy morning, when an expensive sports car splashes water and drenches her. Anna is the driver and get out of the car and apologizes for the fiasco and offers to take Robin home for a change of clothes.


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