Add a little spice into your sex life!

I plan to make a concerted effort to works these two positions into my next books. There appear to be over twenty of these UNIQUE ways of pleasuring your partner.


The All Hands Meeting

All Hands Meeting

How to: Have your partner get on all fours. Finger their butthole (very slowly, and with lube!) with your thumb while fingering their vagina with your index finger. “Pinch” your two fingers together from opposite directions inside of them to create an incredible feeling for them via internal stimulation. Then, with your free hand, play with their nipples or lips. When I said all hands, I meant all hands.



The Olympic Gymnast

olympic gymast

How to: Lie on your back with your legs in the air. Have your partner face you and lean into your legs, pushing them behind your ears, while you rub your pelvic bones together. This allows for more direct contact between you two, without those pesky legs getting in the way. Pro-tip: It really helps if you’re flexible!

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