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erotic maneuvers cover

Tough Girl Lea enlists in the service because a lesbian girlfriend, in the military, told her it was a great way to hook up with other lesbians.

Street tough Lea, joined the service to me chick, a dominant lesbian she finds that basic training offer little or no opportunity for any real connections.

Then she meet Crystal, and for Lea the chase is on. Crystal slowly responds to the tough girl’s advances and even plans to hook up with Lea when they get their first pass into town. But Lea pulls guard duty and it seems the plan has fallen through.

Lea is surprised while on duty, knocking at the dorm door is Crystal home from town early. It is as if Crystal is possessed, and she aggressively seduces the tough girl into an interlude right in the dorm.

Things move along hot and steamy and the two have long thrown caution to the wind as they engage in their dangerous liaison. But luck runs out as they are discovered by two Training Instructors. Lea realizes the storm is coming from the non-coms for their actions. Their fate is in the hands of two really tough sergeants.


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