A RAGS TO RICHES TALE-Addicted to Love.

Traci is a desperate drug addicted prostitute, trying desperately to earn money for her next fix. Her looks are fading she settles for the dregs of the earth, even lesbians. NEW FROM CANDICE CHRISTIAN!


Traci was made a heroin addict by some cruel school mates. The addiction has gotten worse and she has been selling herself on the street to pay for her habit.

She tries to kick the curse, relying of the free clinic for methadone relieve her cravings. But there are times she is unable to secure the methadone and she goes to the red light district to sell the only thing she has, her body.

Her looks are fading fast, and her ability to attract customers is fading even quicker. Her last two clients were women. Something she is not keen on. For one, she is not a lesbian and the other being women ‘johns’ are more vicious than men at times.

Her first experience is with the cruel ‘Mistress’. A women with a sadistic streak; she nearly kills Traci. Smothering her, beating her and other degrading acts that leaves Traci a quivering mess when the Mistress is finished. But three hundred dollars richer.

Unfortunately Traci must go to the red light district again, and her luck would have it, only a well dressed women picks her up. Fearing the worst, remembering her last lesbian encounter she prepares for the humiliation.


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