HUMP DAY RELEASE by Candice Christian

Two fantastic and fascination tales of women forced or led to make a decision about their inclinations. 


Amber is beginning to get strange feelings when her roommate Morgan, of nearly two years, starts wearing very little around the apartment.

Amber is a twenty something girl, trying to discover who and what she is. Her roommate Morgan has begun wearing very little around their apartment and it’s causing Amber to fantasize about being with her.

Amber leaves on a business trip determined to rid her mind of the lesbian urges and find a true path to follow. While waiting in the airport her resolve is tested as she begins to day dream all kinds of erotic situations with her in the center. Compelling her to seek masturbatory relieve in strange places.

The next four days, Amber lives in a sort of Walter Mitty dream, a high end software consultant by day and an out of control sexual object in her evening dreams.

The dream world and the real world begin to overlap and soon she is sitting drunk in a Kansas City Jazz club with a girl that may hold the answers to all Amber’s problems


The story of Alex and her initiation in the Sapphic side of love.

Alex is easily turned on sexually and she is in love with Carrie. When Alex is not fantasizing about an old girlfriend, she and Carrie try to make love at every opportunity. Even in the college restroom.

After a very steamy romp in the wood and them in Carrie’s bed, Alex relates her first initiation in to the lesbian lifestyle, by her best friend Veronica several years before

Veronica helps lure Alex into a small shop, her friend has made a deal with the shop owner, Barbie, provide her with young, attractive girls to molest.

Strangely aroused by the assault, Alex admits she continues her journey into the secrets of this new lifestyle. Carrie is aroused listening to the story and wants to hear more.

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