Brand new story from Candice Christian to begin the week. I hope you will read it and let me know what you think or send me feedback if you like. Please.


Rio Sato is the Japanese billionaire head of a giant Pharmaceutical company. Kassidy is her frumpy, but efficient personal assistant.

Kassidy is controlled by an abusive husband who keeps her in modest and unflattering clothing. Beats her and causes her terrific mental strain. Rio empathizes with Kassidy and even develops a soft spot for her spunky, efficient personal assistant.

Kassidy is under medication for her emotional distress from the abusive marriage she is unable to get out of. Rio discovers an erotic side effect of the medication and uses it as a leverage to get close to her PA and save her from her dead-end life.

The intent of help soon turns to seduction and the two women come to a tipping point in their relationship, at least from Kassidy’s point of view.

Should she give in to her boss’s lesbian advances, or resist and try to salvage the horrible marriage she has with her husband Hector?


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