Two brand new stories for your summer reading. Both are, of course great lesbian erotica. Some romance for sure, some sensuous sexual encounters and even a few surprises.

‘Tension Relief’ is about just that. Steffi has dedicated her life to searching for the perfect relief from tension in her life. She has a lot too. Marriage that sucks. Packing a few more pounds than she would like. And a smart ass fitness instructor. Read ‘Tension Relief’ to see how Steffi navigates her quest for perfection.

Steffi, and her band of work friends spend their after work hours at Steffi’s house playing ‘Truth or Dare.’ It tends to get pretty erotic. The girls have named their game ‘Tension Relief’ for obvious reasons. Steffi and her pals all seem to be stuck in a bad existence and the game is the only thing that helps them cope.

Stuck in a lackluster marriage, and rotten sex life, the slightly overweight Steffi accepts her friends invitation to join Belly Dancing Classes to lose some weight. The classes turn into a catfight between the instructor and Steffi and in the end Steffi finds another aspect of tension relief to add to her list.

Things come to a head when, Sid, Steffi’s husband, is away on another one of his ‘golf tournament getaways’ her daughters are away at college and it’s Friday night. But this night, Steffi vows to make a change to her life.

On the town and kind of on the prowl, Steffi meets a pretty African American girl, Sunny, several years her junior. Sunny, has a great view of life and spends the weekend showing Steffi how to enjoy life the way she does.

‘Her Step-Daughter’s Slave’ is life changing story of a woman, Gillian, who deals with her indolent  live in twenty year old step daughter,  a nosy neighbor, and lesbian sex and domination. You will want to read ‘Her Step-Daughter’s Slave’ to see what happens to Gillian and how she overcomes her dominating step-daughter.

Gillian has latent erotic feelings regarding her step-daughter Mystie.The Step-Daughter is a real handful for Gillian and, Trudi her best friend tried to console her and give her advice on ways to deal with the lazy girl.

Gillian decides to listen to Trudi and follows her step-daughter one evening, as she leaves for her night of wild partying. What Gillian finds is not what she expected and is soon dragged into the sordid world her daughter luxuriates in.

The tensions between them builds to an erotic peak and at that time Mystie reveals the true person she is. She totally dominates the older woman and leaves her totally humiliated.

Trudi comes to Gillian’s aid late in the evening and reveals her own secrets. Read ‘HER STEP-DAUGHTER’S SLAVE’ to see just how Gillian is able to cope with all of it.





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