Candice Christian – Paperback collection

Several weeks ago, Candice ventured beyond the ebook world and began publishing many her stories in Paperback form as well as in ebook form. The list for June, month to date, contains:

Sensory Overload

It is well known that there are Five Senses that the human animal uses to experience reality. The throes of passion can summon most of the five, in a single session.
Kira is Bi-Curious and is determined to take matters into her own hands. A date cancels on her and as fate would have it, she is soon romancing a fetching young lady she meets in a coffee bar. Does she have the right touch to close the deal with prize?
Leigh is an accomplished sex performer and keeps score of her conquests, sorting by male or female. A woman used to getting her way in the way of sex, she is spurned by another performer, Joan, who will not have contact with her outside of ‘work.’
It’s not long before Leigh has Joan, tasting her wrath.
Tasha is another explorer on the trail to Lesbos. She has hired an escort to provide her with the experience she has craved for so long. It’s not long before the escort, Lynda has rung Tasha’s bell.
Jessy and Kamilla are looking for a thrilling sexual encounter. Jessy is a bore housewife and Jessy is into online dating. To Jessy’s surprise Kamilla is a vision that has over taken Jessy’s mind. She is overwhelmed by her beauty.
Finally, we have Jacqueline and Shelli, two girls out on the prowl looking for action. Shelli is straight and is looking for a big good-looking hunk. Jacqueline on the other hand is almost exclusively lesbian. The evening doesn’t appear to be favoring a hookup between those two. Shelli leaves with her ‘man’ and Jacqui offers to let them use her house for their tryst. Will fortune smile on these star crossed girls?

 Posing for Lizzie

Morgan takes time out from her job search and enters an Art Museum to rest her feet. There, she becomes captivated by a painting of a nude girl.
Victoria spies Morgan and they discuss the painting and share their opinions of the work of art. In the course of their conversation, Morgan reveals she is actually just resting her feet and is not really there for the art. Rather she is looking for employment.
Victoria decides Morgan is a good prospect and gives Morgan her business card and tells her to call. Perhaps there is a job for her.
After much soul searching, Morgan calls and gets an interview. Victoria then gives Morgan a lesson in how to keep the customer satisfied

  The Mistress & The Step-Mother

The Tale of the Mistress & the Step-Mother is a story for fans of older women dominating younger women. A story filled with the ecstasy of excruciating penetration.
Anna, the Step-Daughter, is having a hot time with her Step-mother each night. Lena has discovered her step daughter is aroused by being dominated. A situation that seems to satisfy both women.
Olivia becomes aware of this twisted union and decides to become part of their debauchery. Lena, the Step-Mother is eager to have Olivia join them and anxiously awaits the night Anna is introduced to Olivia’s brand of ‘education’.
The trio hit it off famously and in no time Olivia has arranged for a cumming out party for Anna in an exclusive circle of women who lust after young beautiful women.
Anna is introduced to a long list of sordid degradation and her high point is being used by the black Amazon Betty until she is a quivering glob of Jell-O.

 Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence is a romantic and extremely erotic lesbian tale. It is aimed at an audience that loves to root for the underdog and also seeking a rewarding story.
Kim is a struggling young women, who has worked hard to escape her ‘trailer trash’ background. She works in a convenience store on the midnight to eight shift when the crazies are the most visible.
Tanya, a young girl, even poorer than Kim, comes into the store looking to buy food with the last bit of change she has.
Kim, against her better judgement takes the girl home, to clean her up, and feed her. And give her a warm, safe place to sleep. Kim is soon rewarded for her kindness as Tanya steals her heart and becomes embedded in her life.
It is not all rosy, and the girls still struggle to makes ends meet, but they suffer the hard times and even split up over something neither girl knows why.
Both girls continue their live apart, but still in each other’s hearts. Both pursuing their dreams and ambitions.
The ending is in doubt right to the end. Read it and see how the two strong minded girls handle their challenges.

 Roommate Rescue

Courtney and Traci are college roommates. Courtney has no doubt about her sexual orientation, Traci is riding the fence.
Courtney comes to Traci’s rescue after a disastrous date and the relationship builds. The two girls get caught up in role play games, group sex and revolving bed partners.
Their romance is tested to the max, until the two let each other know their true feelings. It’s in doubt if the status quo will remain, as Courtney is tempted by Amanda, and Traci must withstand the advances of Demi.
Read this rollicking romance to see if true love wins out.





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