‘The readers of paperback novels, stories etc. have been an underserved segment of the adult population. ‘ Candice Christian

And with that thought, Candice Christian has begun to publish in both style of media. eBook and paperback. Her entire catalogue is not yet available but the number available is growing. Currently available: Wrestling Mothers Club: Anthology, Lesbian Noir, Endless Love and The Sexy Super which has an excerpt below.


Amanda Borne fumbled with the two paper bags full of groceries as she tried to unlock the door to her apartment. It had been a hectic day, the likes of which she hadn’t seen in a long time. All she wanted to do was have dinner, kick off her shoes and turn up the air conditioner to high. New York City in August was not a fun place to be. Especially in the middle of a heat wave.

“Damn.” She mumbled as she almost dropped the keys. “Nothing is going right today.”

The door finally opened and she stumbled inside, just as one of the bags ripped, sending the contents all over the floor. She put the remaining bag on the small breakfast nook of her equally small kitchenette and then went back to pick up the rest.

Then it hit her that the apartment was insufferable hot. What was wrong with the air conditioning? Reaching for a can of peas, she noticed the small note that had been slipped under her door. Picking it up she read.

“To all tenants…..A Con Edison transformer blew out over on Houston Street causing a small blackout. Electricity is expected to be restored by 8 PM. Any problems please call me. A. Guzman”

“96 degrees and no air conditioning.” Amanda said to herself as she dropped the last of the groceries on the small table. “This day’s never going to end. At least it’s Friday.”

With a shrug, the 25 year old proceeded to open some of the windows in her 4th floor apartment to let in the breeze, not that there was any. Without the countering effect of the air conditioner it was definitely too hot. First order of business however had to be a cold shower. After ten hours in these clothes, capped by a twenty minute ride in that inferno they call the subway, even the most expensive outfit began to look like a rag. The layer of sweat under those clothes was beginning to itch.

Stepping into the bathroom, Amanda took a good look at herself in the mirror. The heat and humidity had really done a number on her blonde hair. She hated to think what it would look like if she hadn’t decided to get it cut short for the summer. Unbuttoning her blouse, she practically had to peel it off. Her bra followed, revealing a firm 34 inch bust covered with small droplets of perspiration.

“You think that if I was going to get this sweaty I’d have least had fun getting that way.” She laughed to herself.

Truth was that it had been quite some months since Amanda enjoyed that kind of fun. She had broken up with her last boyfriend in June and really hadn’t met anyone she really liked since. Oh there’d been a few dates here and there, even a few overnight stays. But they were just quick fucks, something to break up the monotony. The last one of them was three weeks ago.

“Too bad “Old Walter” isn’t here anymore.” Amanda mused as she finished undressing.

“Old Walter” was Walter Bergman. Up to a month ago he’d been the superintendent of the building. He wasn’t really that old but it was a name the neighborhood kids had given him. A really nice man, the 61 year old had befriended the young secretary when she’d moved in last year. That friendship had turned into something a little bit more on his birthday last year when she’d given him a blow job as a gift. It was the least she could do after all the favors he’d done for her.

To her surprise, Walter had turned out to be both quite well endowed and potent. Afterward, she didn’t know why she expected him to be otherwise except for the common misconception a lot of younger people have that older people don’t have sex. It had been such an enjoyable experience that it began to be repeated at least once a month.

Among all the good thing she could say about Walter, the first on her list would be that he was definitely all man. Unlike so many of the men she encountered in her office or in the bars and gym she frequented. In fact, the blond haired girl was thinking of seeing how good a fuck he might be when his birthday came around again.

But Walter had died in a car accident early last month, causing her to regret having not acted on her impulse. More than just a sometime lover, Walter had been a friend and she cried long and hard when she heard the news. She’d gone to his wake only to find herself under verbal assault by his widow. A nasty woman who Walter had once mentioned had lost interest in sex twenty years before. Mrs. Bergman had evidently somehow found out about the little gifts to her husband. She’d called Amanda a whore and threatened to make enough of scene that she’d have Amanda thrown out of the building.

As it turned out, it was the widow Bergman that moved out instead. Michael Maris, who also lived on the building, overheard her discussion with Amanda and quickly moved to the younger woman’s defense. He told the widow that Amanda hadn’t been the only person in the building who was servicing the late Mr. Bergman. Michael was so openly gay that Ingrid Bergman couldn’t help but get his meaning. Walter hadn’t been too particular about who was on the other end of a hot mouth. Not exactly the kind of story the widow Bergman wanted spread around.

Amanda hadn’t met the new super yet. He’d only started last week and there were 19 other tenants. He’d get around to introducing himself to her soon enough. Stepping into the shower, she idly wondered. What were the odds that Mr. A. Guzman was a 6′ Adonis who had a thing for small short haired brunettes.

The splash of cool water against her 5’4″ frame felt good. The frigid touch caused her nipples to harden, reminding her it was been sometime since anyone had touched them. Brushing the tips with her fingers, she smiled at the pleasing sensation it brought. Even as a teenager, she’d had the most sensitive nipples.

After spending a few moments to cool off her body, Amanda turned the single water control in the opposite direction. She filled her hands with liquid soap from the wall dispenser and began to soap up her body.

Amanda again stroked her breasts, bringing her pert nipples to a familiar hardness. As always, her own touch felt so good. Soapy hands glided down across her slim stomach, finding their way to the tightly trimmed blonde bush below. She continued down between her legs and then around to the cheeks of her ass, leaving a soaping trail of bubbles in her wake.

Amanda let out a soft sigh as her fingers rubbed against her mound. Running her long outstretched fingers across her firm mounds once again, giving them a playful squeeze, the lithe woman was reminded of how horny she’d felt lately.

The last two men who’d shared her bed had turned out to be serious disappointments. Both had shot their load much too soon and had little interest in spending the time after that to give her the pleasure she deserved.

“God, I need a good fuck.” she said to herself as she again glided her fingers down across her stomach and across the smooth skin that used to blond fuzz.

With a practiced skill she parted her vaginal lips, quickly finding the small stubby clit hidden within. Closing her eyes as she leaned back again the tiled wall, she pressed a slippery finger against it.

“Oh yes.” she purred as a familiar tingle spread out from her cunt. “That feels so nice.” She slid a soapy finger up within herself, followed by a second and a third. It was a poor substitute for a hard cock, but it would have to do.

It wasn’t long before she was furiously pumping her fingers in and out, sparking the tiny flame between her legs into a conflagration.

The warm water had turned to hot, filling the tiny room with steam. The heat of which paled next to that which radiated across her quaking body as her fingers caressed her love canal in an orgasmic frenzy.

Water running down her face, her lips formed a silent O. Amanda felt her legs and arms go weak as repeated waves of delight rippled up and down her naked form.

Long silent moments, broken only by the splatter of the shower drops, passed as the blonde rested against the now warm tile. The water washing away the traces of her climax.

Exiting the shower, she quickly dried off and just put on a thin cloth robe. Since she had no plans for the evening other than crashing on the couch with a pint of chocolate ice cream, getting dressed again was a waste of time. At bedtime she would exchange the robe for the thin T-shirt she normally wore to sleep. Except on those nights when she had company in which case she skipped the shirt.

Since the power was still off, she turned on the battery powered radio and settled on the couch with the book she had been reading on the train. Another hour had passed by the time she looked up at the clock, noticing that it was already 8:15 and still no power.

It was then she heard someone knocking on the door across the hall and the sound of muffled voices. A minute later came a loud knocking on her own door.

Amanda took a moment to compose herself before answering. After all, she still was only wearing the robe. She looked though the peep-hole and then opened the door.

Standing in the doorway was a tall Puerto Rican woman in her middle 30’s. About 5’9″, she had a dark olive complexion and weighed in the neighborhood of 150 lbs. Her frame carried the weight well, the type of woman you usually described as full-bodied. Short curly black hair topped a round pleasant face and full bright red lips framed a warm smile.

“Can I help you?” Amanda asked.

“Amanda Borne, right?” the woman asked in return.

“Yes, that me.” Amanda replied a little on the defensive. “Can I help you.” she repeated.

“Actually I was just stopping by to see if I could help you.” the woman said. “Angelica Guzman, I’m the new superintendent.”

It was then that Amanda noticed the tool box on the floor. It never occurred to her that A. Guzman could be a woman. She was dressed in a plain denim shirt and pants. But there was no mistaking that she was a woman, not with the valley of her 38 inch bust visible to the point of bursting through the open top buttons of her blouse.

“Oh, nice to finally meet you.” Amanda recovered. “Won’t you please come in.”

“Thank you.” Angelica said as she picked up the tool box and stepped inside.

“I’m afraid I have some bad new.” she continued as Amanda closed the door. “Con Ed now says they might not have the power back before midnight. So I thought I’d check and make sure nobody needed batteries for flashlights or anything like that.”

“That’s very thoughtful of you.” Amanda said.

“Well being new and all, I figured it couldn’t hurt.” she said.

The pleasantries out of the way, Amanda suddenly felt a little awkward and at a loss for words.

“I was just thinking of having a cold beer.” she said. “Would you like one, or soda if you want?”

“No, a beer would be fine.” The taller woman said. “You were the last person on the tenant list so I’m done for the night.”

Reaching into the refrigerator for two bottles, the younger woman wondered why she had suddenly offered her a beer. Then again, it never hurt to be nice to the super, you never knew when something in the apartment was going to break. Besides, with the television out, a little company for a while might be nice.

“Would you like a glass?” she asked as she walked back into the living room.

“The bottle’s fine.” Angelica said as she accepted the drink.

“Have a seat.” Amanda said as she gestured to the couch. “Angelica, you said, right?”

“Most people call me, Angi.” She said as she took a sip from the bottle. “It’s a lot easier.”

“OK, Angi it is.” She said as she brought her own bottle to her lips.

The two women took another drink of beer, commenting how good it tasted in the oppressive heat. Angi commented on the decor of the small apartment and asked what kind of work Amanda did. The smaller woman told how she was a secretary at a midtown law firm. She’s been there a little over two years and was quite happy in that aspect in her life. In turn, she asked Angi how she happened to wind up as the superintendent.

“Well, I’ve always liked working with my hands.” She said between sips. “I grew up with four brothers and my father was a jack of all trades. He just treated me like he did his sons and taught me everything he knew.” “Must be interesting.” Amanda noted, all too aware that changing a light bulb was the extent of her own household repair skills.

“It can be.” Was the olive skinned woman’s reply. “And I was really lucky to get this job. If it wasn’t for Walter having introduced me to the owners a few months ago, I’d have never gotten it. They were looking for a replacement for one of their other buildings and I was applying for that job. Then when Walter had his accident, I applied for this one instead.”

“You were a friend of Walter’s” Amanda asked.

“Actually he was a friend of my father’s first.” Angi continued. “I’ve known him about ten years, ever since I got out of college.”

“You went to college?” A surprised Amanda asked.

“I have a B.A. in business. And spent four years in the Air Force.” She replied. “But I soon found that it wasn’t for me. I’ve never looked back.”

“So much for first impressions.” Amanda thought as she finished her drink. “Can I get you another one of those?” She asked.

“Thank you that would be fine.” Angi said as she handed back her own empty bottle.

Amanda quickly returned from the kitchen with two more bottles as well as a few snacks out of the fridge. The first drink had been simple courtesy, this was because she found she liked this woman.

“So how has your first week been?” She asked as they again took their places on the couch.

“So far, so good.” She replied. “It’s funny meeting all the people Walter told stories about and how most everyone has turned out to be just like he described them.”

“Walter described everyone to you?” Amanda asked, wondering what he’d said about her.

“Oh yeah, all the little dirty details.” Angi laughed. “Like Mrs. Watson up in 5B who likes to change in front of an open window, knowing full well that Tommy Roll’s room is right across the courtyard. That 14 year old gets a free show every night. Or Ralph Luck down in 2A, who skips over to Liz Astaire’s apartment as soon as her husband leaves for work in the morning.”

Amanda smiled, she hadn’t heard that one before. Gossip was more fun when you knew the people involved.

“I’m almost afraid to ask what he told you about me.” She said.

“Only good things.” Angi returned her smile. “That you were a good person, that you were very caring and considerate….and oh yeah, and that you gave killer head!”

Amanda had just started to take a long pull on her beer during Angi’s pause. Now she almost choked as she spit out what she had just began to swallow.

“What…..” She gasped.

“Are you okay?” Angi leaned forward. “I’m afraid sometimes I talk before I think.”

“It’s all right.” Amanda said as she caught her breath. “You just took me off guard.”

“If it makes you feel any better, he mentioned that when I was giving him one too.” Angi said.

“You and Walter?” Amanda asked.

“Nothing serious, just a little recreational sex now and then.” Angi replied. “Walter liked to screw around without any complications. He was pretty good at it too.”

The grin of satisfaction on her beaming face caused Amanda to again regret never having found out for herself.

“Hope you’re not embarrassed by all this.” Angi said. “There’s nothing wrong with a fun fuck now and then.”

Amanda agreed with the older woman and lamented that it’d been too long since she’d had a good fuck.

“There’s nothing wrong with making use of a good man.” the younger woman said. “I wish I could find a new one.”

“How do you feel about women?” Angi asked almost casually as she took another sip.

“In what way?” Amanda asked, caught off guard by the question.

“In this way.” Angi said in a tone almost too soft to be heard as she leaned all the way forward and kissed Amanda on her lips.

The sudden pressure of those thick full lips against her own took the young secretary by surprise. It’d been a very long time since she’d been kissed by another woman like this – junior year of college to be exact. It’d been a short but very intense affair with an older girl at NYU. The opportunity to experiment further had never presented itself.

After a few very long seconds, Angi broke the kiss and moved her head back a little. She’d been unsure of what Amanda’s reaction would be but figured that the worse that could happen would be that she’d tell her to get out of her apartment. When there was no resistance to the kiss and no outcry when it was done, she knew that wasn’t going to happen.

Just then, the lights in the apartment came back on and the steady hum of the air conditioner filled the room. Both woman looked into each other’s eyes, searching for something to say. Finally, Amanda spoke, shattering the quiet.

“Talk about a kiss being magic.” She said.

Both women laughed, the awkward threshold behind them. Angi reached out and took Amanda’s hand in her own.

“Are you okay with this? She asked softly.

“What do you think?” she replied as this time she moved forward and returned the kiss.




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