SEDUCTION! The latest offering from Candice Christian.


Kelsey can’t escape the nightmare of her lesbian seduction her boyfriend instigated

On Kelsey’s day off, a door to door sales woman comes to her home. Once inside, it’s obvious the Amazon saleswoman wants to do more than sell Kelsey some cosmetics.

Reeling from her experience with the powerful molestor Kelsey, tries to put the experience behind her and begins swimming at a local health club. But even there she witnesses a similar assault as her own; to Her friend Jessy, who is coerced into sex by a female club employee.

Kelsey can only take so much and decides to confront her friends attacker at her home. When she arrives, things begin to spiral out of control and Kelsey is caught up in a whirlwind experience that drags her nightmares back to reality.


It was Kelsey’s day off. She was home doing catch-up chores. She’d paid few bills on her laptop, dusted up the living room, finished some laundry, and ran the dish washer. At last, she went to her Keurig and made a cup of coffee and settled into a chair to read the paper. As she sat and read the paper, she noticed out the front window that someone was walking down the street. Not recognizing the person she watched for a moment.

It was a woman, dressed nicely, carrying 2 fairly good size briefcases. The woman looked to be in her late 40’s, maybe early 50’s and was going door to door, obviously a salesperson of some kind. Kelsey watched her go to 2 houses across the street and before she crossed over and headed for her front door.

The woman was taller than Kelsey, maybe 5’10” a bit stocky, but her clothes fit her properly and she made an attractive appearance.

Now able to get a good look at the woman, Kelsey could see that she had a very friendly look to her. Kelsey watched her come to the front door and immediately the doorbell rang.

Lifting herself out of the chair, she took a quick look in the mirror to straighten her hair. She realized that she wasn’t exactly dressed for guests, having thrown on an old football jersey of her boyfriend’s and a black yoga pant she liked. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail with some strands dangling at the sides of her face.

Still, she looked pretty in a very casual way. Oh well, she thought, going door to door, this lady probably gets a lot worse than this. Dismissing the thought, she opened the door and said hello. The saleswoman took a good look at Kelsey before she finally spoke.

“Hello and good morning. My name is Leigh Collins and I represent Sator Cosmetics. I was wondering if I might take a few moments of your time this morning?”

“Sator Cosmetics? That’s a good company. I’ve heard about their products and they are very good. Uh, sure, please come in,” Kelsey replied as she stepped back and let the door open wide.

The salesperson walked inside and looked around. “You have a lovely home. It goes very well with its lovely owner.”

Kelsey smiled and almost blushed. “Thanks, at least you got me at a good time. I just finished cleaning up. Why don’t we sit over here,” she said as she led the salesperson to a couch.

Leigh opened one of her cases and laid it on the coffee table as she began to talk about the various products. She would stop occasionally to ask Kelsey if she used various types of products before she began to talk about them.

Leigh was a very engaging person and Kelsey noticed that she kept constant eye contact with her. Leigh would also take Kelsey’s hand and lightly dab various colors on her to see what they looked like. As they spoke, Kelsey noticed that Leigh had slowly eased herself over to her, so close that their legs would brush together. She felt a little uneasy but wrote it off as the woman being a good salesperson.

The conversation continued and Leigh pulled out more products and tried more samples on the pretty girl.

“Oh Kelsey, this is our best shadow. Let me try this on you. It is a really pretty pale blue that would look great with your skin tone and hair. Here, let me get to where I can do this right,” she said as she slid off the couch and knelt on the floor at Kelsey’s knees.

She used a hand to gently part the girl’s legs so she could get real close. Kelsey closed her eyes as Leigh began to apply the shadow. Kelsey sat still as she felt the brush lightly dance around her eyes. The woman was very careful and seemed to be applying the shadow very slowly.

Though her eyes were closed, Kelsey could tell that she was being gently pushed back so that her back came to rest on the couch. She realized also that the salesperson was leaning over against her as she brushed on the makeup. In fact, the woman’s chest was pressing against her so that she felt the woman’s bra through her clothes.

“Uh, you’re kinda leaning on me Leigh,” Kelsey said hesitantly.

“Oh I’m sorry. I was trying to steady myself so I wouldn’t flub it up,” she said as she began to lift herself.

Leigh made a bit of a show trying to get up since the couch was pretty low and didn’t offer much of anything to push against to get up. As Leigh moved to lift herself, her breasts rubbed back and forth against Kelsey’s breasts causing the younger girl to get a little flustered by this unexpected touching. Finally Leigh got back up straight to her knees and smiled at Kelsey.

“Yes, that shadow works very well with your complexion,” she said.

“Uh, well, uh, let me look in the mirror over here,” Kelsey said, still flustered.

As she stood and went to the big wall mirror, she was thinking of how the woman’s breasts had been pressed against her own shapely breasts. The thought of it made the back of her neck feel hot, the same little feeling she got when her boyfriend would come on to her.

She shook her head to herself as she stood in front of the mirror. Leigh smiled to herself as she watched Kelsey. This is going to be very nice, she thought. Kelsey is very pretty and has a wonderful body and she obviously was flustered when our breasts were touching. That’s always a good sign.

She rose from her spot and came up behind the girl with more makeup.

“Now, let me show you how to do this right,” she said as she stepped up behind the younger girl. “Some girls put this on way to heavy and it looks bad. You have to use a very light touch, like this.”

The much taller Leigh was right behind Kelsey and reached around to the front with the makeup brush. She began to dust it across Kelsey’s cheeks. Kelsey was watching as Leigh worked slowly. In fact, she was so intent on watching she did not realize that Leigh had brought her other hand up and around and placed it lightly on Kelsey’s stomach. She then pulled the younger girl back against her gently.

Again, Kelsey felt the heat on the back of her neck when she realized that Leigh’s big breasts were pressed against her back. She tried to step forward but then she realized that Leigh had her arm around her waist and held her. She could see the woman’s larger than average hand across her stomach in the mirror and it immediately struck her that this woman might be trying to seduce her. She felt even more heat on her neck at the thought.

“Kelsey you know what? It’s really hard to get a good idea how well this makeup works if you’re wearing an old football jersey. Let’s get you out of that and into your nice clothes so we can get the colors right.”

Kelsey considered this. This would mean that she would be almost naked while this woman is here in the house. She was getting so flustered that she was having trouble thinking. The heat on the back of her neck kept interrupting her as she tried to concentrate on what this woman was doing. Finally, she thought of something to say.

“Well, I guess you’re right. I have an outfit that I can throw on quick,” she said as she pulled out of the woman’s grasp and headed to her bedroom to change.

Kelsey pulled the outfit she had in mind out of her closet and tossed it on the bed. Then she grabbed the bottom of her jersey and peeled it over her head, revealing the lovely lace bra she was wearing underneath. She pulled down her black yoga pants and let them fall to the floor. It was then that she realized she wasn’t alone.

Leigh had come in quietly behind her and was standing next to the small chest of drawers. Kelsey noticed that she was also holding her second case, which as yet was unopened.

“Oh! Jeez, you scared me. Uh, what are you doing in here? I was changing my clothes like you said.”

“It’s alright Kelsey. I’m a beauty expert. I see women changing their clothes all day,” she said as she approached the nearly naked girl.

Again she stepped behind the girl and turned her towards the mirror that was mounted on the dresser.

“You’re a very lovely girl. You shouldn’t be hiding your body with that awful jersey,” she said as she put her large hands on the girl’s hips. “You’re figure is wonderful. See how your panties compliment your curves?

She lifted the thin straps of Kelsey’s panties that went over each hip and pulled them up high, making a nice V over the girl’s crotch. The material was pulled so tight, that Kelsey could see her sex outlined through the thin cloth. She couldn’t help but make a small surprised “oh” when she realized that the woman could see it too.

The woman pulled the younger girl tighter against her and was pleased to find that the girl let her do it. She watched in the mirror and could tell that Kelsey’s sex was already getting wet, a small spot was clearly visible on the front of her panties. She let go of the panties on one side and let her open hand move across the girl’s flat stomach. It rose very slowly as the girl watched it in the mirror. It pushed higher and higher until it came to rest against the underside of Kelsey’s silky bra.

The woman pushed up against the girl’s breasts as if she was feeling their weight. She whispered into the girl’s ear.

“Kelsey, you’re bra is beautiful. You must shop at the nicest stores for your things. The material looks very expensive. May I touch it?”

Kelsey stared in the mirror. She had just met this woman 45 minutes ago. And now, she was almost nude and the woman was holding her panties with one hand and her other hand was ready to touch her bra. She realized her breathing was very rapid and the heat on her neck felt like a flame. She surprised herself when she finally spoke.

“Uh, okay, you can touch it.”

The woman smiled as her open hand rose and gently cupped one of the girl’s luscious breasts. Kelsey was wide-eyed as she watched the woman’s fingers spread over the cup of her bra and fondled the material. Very quickly, she realized her nipples were hard and getting harder. She felt a familiar warmth begin between her legs.

“Oh Kelsey, what’s happening to you dear? You seem a little aroused.”

“I’ve never been touched like this before. What are you doing to me,” she said as she continued to stare into the mirror.

“I’m just someone who appreciates a beautiful woman like you Kelsey,” she said as she continued to fondle the girl.

Her hands were all over the girl now, feeling her, touching her, fondling her breasts. The girl stood wide-eyed as she watched the woman’s soft hands glide over her exquisite body. She watched as her bra was gently pulled down to let her nipples peek over the top of each cup. She watched the woman’s fingers as they took one of her nipples and pinched it gently at first and then harder and then harder still.

“Ooohhh,” Kelsey moaned as her head fell back onto the woman’s shoulder

She was being overwhelmed. Her mind was racing in desperation as she realized what was happening to her. She knew what was happening was wrong, but she couldn’t stop it. The woman’s hands felt so good.

“You have to stop, please. My boyfriend….sometimes…..he comes home for lunch. What if he sees what you’re doing to me?”

The woman pulled the girl tighter to her as she pinched her nipple again.

“Well, if your boyfriend does come home, I guess he’ll see me licking your pussy,” the saleswoman replied as she let the hand that was gripping the girl’s panties slide down so that her fingers rubbed over the girl’s sex.

The girl moaned even louder as her head bobbed back and forth on the woman’s shoulder. She was totally under the woman’s control. She realized that there was nothing she could do or say to stop this, and in fact, she didn’t want to stop. Her body had never felt so aroused. It was as if every single hair on her body was electrified and she could feel them all.

“Now, I think it’s time to get you out of these things altogether. I have something else for you.”

Acting in a controlling manner she quickly removed Kelsey’s bra and slid the girl’s panties down her slender legs. The woman grabbed her case and quickly threw it open on the bed while Kelsey stood motionless at the mirror. The woman pulled out several strap-like pieces from her case and dropped them on the bed. The last one she pulled out was the longest and was actually 2 straps joined by a ring at each end.

The woman went behind the girl again and brought the strap around in front of her. “This will replace your bra for today Kelsey. You will keep this on while I am here with you,” the woman said.

She brought the strap up to Kelsey’s breasts and began to fasten it. One of the 2 pieces went above the girls breasts and wrapped under her arms. The other half pushed up under the girl’s breasts and then under each arm. The woman cinched it tightly around her back.

Looking in the mirror, the woman saw that the girl’s breasts were now held up and out in the most exquisite fashion. She wrapped both arms around Kelsey to gather a breast in each hand. She could see that the girl was staring in the mirror as the woman was having her way with her body.

The girl was putty in her hands. Her mind might still be looking for a way to stop this, but her body had betrayed her. The woman quickly grabbed the rest of the straps she had taken from her bag. There were small ones for each wrist and slightly larger ones for each ankle. Once she had them fastened, she gently guided the girl back to the bed and laid her down on her back.

Using 4 small cords, she quickly tied the girl to the 4 corners of the bed. There was a sound in the other room. Kelsey’s mind grasped at it. Was it her boyfriend? She wanted to scream his name, but found she couldn’t. The woman had finished tying her and now crouched on the bed between the girl’s lovely legs. She slowly was massaging the girl’s thighs as she smiled at Kelsey almost evilly.

“What a lovely sight you are Kelsey. I think I am ready to take you now.”

Kelsey, still hoping that the sound she heard was her boyfriend, tried to plead for mercy. “Please. I think my boyfriend is here. You have to let me go. Please. I shouldn’t have let you touch me. I just…”

“You just what Kelsey? You liked to have me touch you didn’t you? It felt good. You wanted me to do it. Didn’t you?”

“No, I mean, yes, it felt good. But we’re both women. This isn’t right. I’m married,” Kelsey pleaded.

Suddenly another voice spoke.

“Yes, you are married aren’t you?” Kelsey’s boyfriend Sean said from the bedroom door.

“Sean, I can explain. Uh….this woman….she came to the door….and….she….uh….”

“Hello Mr. Stephans,” the woman said to him. “You’re just in time. I’m about to taste your wife”

Kelsey’s boyfriend and the woman both smiled at each other as the realization came to Kelsey of what was happening. Her boyfriend was making good on the longtime fantasy they had shared during their lovemaking. He had found a woman to come to Kelsey when she was least expecting it. The woman never wanted to sell her makeup.

The woman only wanted to seduce her and Kelsey had let it happen.

“Well then, you had better get to it,” Sean said as he sat in a chair next to the bed.

The woman let herself slide down so that she was laying on her stomach between Kelsey’s legs. She pressed her hands between the girl’s thighs as she lowered her mouth to the girl’s vulnerable pussy. Her tongue reached out gently and began to lick over the girl’s moist outer flesh. Kelsey’s head reared back and she tried to move, but the ropes and straps held her firmly. The woman smiled to herself as her tongue licked slowly and deliberately over every inch of Kelsey’s pussy.

Her hands held the girl’s legs firmly as Kelsey bucked against her bindings. The electric shocks she felt as the woman’s tongue began to take her almost made her black out. The girl moaned openly as she felt the woman’s warm, wet tongue glide over her most tender flesh. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter with each touch. Her mind wanted to scream as she felt sensations that were brand new to her.

She was suddenly aware that her boyfriend was crouching next to her ear.

“I told you it was going to happen. I told you that I would find a woman to take you and I did. It’s so erotic now that I can watch her lick you Kelsey . She’s going to take you. I’m going to let her take you,” he whispered to her.

“Sean, I….,” she started to say, but the sudden push of the woman’s tongue deep into her sex cut her off.

Kelsey clenched her eyes shut and held her breath as she felt the woman’s magical tongue penetrate her. The woman shoved her tongue as deep as she could, held it there for several seconds, and then slowly withdrew it only to shove it right back into the girl.

Kelsey couldn’t hear if Sean was talking to her anymore; all of her senses were focused on the incredible sensation she felt between her legs. The woman smiled to herself as she tongue fucked the pretty little redhead. This girl was so pretty and so delicious, she might have to give Mr. Stephans a discount just so she could get her hands on his lovely wife again.

As one moan after another escaped the girl’s lips, her body stiffened and her head rolled to one side as a huge orgasm overwhelmed her. The woman sensed it coming and shoved her tongue as deep into the girl as she could and held it there. The girl twisted almost on her side as her body tried to endure the most intense orgasm she had ever had.

It was nearly a minute before she finally rolled onto her back again as the wave subsided. The woman’s head lifted from the steaming girl’s sex and she hungrily licked her lips, sucking in the last of the girl’s juices and savoring her taste.

“Mr. Stephans, your little wife is simply delicious. I’d be glad to come back any time you…. or she…. might need me.”

“I think that can be arranged Leigh. And probably sooner rather than later,” he said as he slipped her $500.

The woman looked at the spent girl as she laid there still in the bondage Leigh had used.

“You can return those to me next time. I have lots of others for my other customers,” she said slyly as she gathered up her bag and made ready to leave.

“Yes, I bet you do,” he said as he showed her to the door and let her out.

Locking the door, he went back into the bedroom and stared at his beautiful wife. His mind raced back through the sensual scene that had just taken place. Kelsey had let the woman touch her, seduce her, and put her into bondage. The woman had tongued her sweet pussy until Kelsey had orgasmed so intensely that he was almost worried for her.

And now, she was still spread out on the bed, still tied down, and so ready to be taken again. His cock was already hard as he stripped his own clothes off and lowered himself onto his wife.

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