‘DESTINY’S CHILD’ Candice Christian

amazon.com/author/candicechristian Destiny's Child DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAILThe Art World is the setting for this newest Candice Christian story. It’s a tale of Andrea, a lost pilgrim, looking for the safety of a true love and romance, along the highways of the cruel and selfish world. (an excerpt from Destiny’s Child:)

Love the One You’re With

She was a newly graduated college coed. She always liked helping others so she naturally gravitated to sociology in school, and a degree in Social Work. The world was her oyster, and she wanted to experience everything, and help people at the same time. She also wrestled with the confusion of her sexuality. She kind of liked men, even dated a few, but she really had strange urges for attractive blond women.

Keeping these desires under wrap, was not difficult, for the most part, not actually coming out, but now and then an opportunity did present itself, that would not threaten her secret. Her name is Melody, and next week she was taking her new job in San Jose. So on this beautiful day, she wanted to go into the mountains and think about her future.

A decision was made to go hiking through a mountain about half an hour from her house. Melody was walking through along a mountain trail, wearing a white t-shirt over a bikini top and a pair of daisy dukes over a bikini bottom. Melody had a full bosom, beautiful face surrounded by long black hair.

The urges to start taking off clothes became stronger, and that is what she did. She started with her t-shirt, then her shorts…dropped them off in a ditch and buried them with sticks and leaves so she would be able to find them later… by this point, she could hardly stop herself from stripping… her pussy was getting wet, her nipples hardened… she wanted to wait until she reached the riverbank before she finished taking off her clothes, so she slid her hand into her bikini bottom in order to tease her clit and sooth her urges to finger herself.

What is that, she thought to herself,voices in the distance, right then, she thought that she would give them a treat by walking by in her bikini. She had never been so under dressed in such a secluded area… fear began to run through her head, she started to step back to go the opposite direction when two men walked out from behind the trees…

One man in a blue t-shirt, the other in a black t-shirt. They were just as surprised to see a woman in a bikini as she was to see them.

The dark haired beauty, was frozen by the men’s staring eyes… the man in the blue shirt commented on the size of her breasts to the man in the black shirt, then the man in the black shirt said, “She’s a slut dressed like that out here. She looks to be an Indian of some kind.” to the man in the blue shirt.

They both started to walk toward Melody, she turned around and ran. The two men made no attempt to run after her, but she didn’t realize it. She continued to run through some trees, her large breasts bouncing, her bikini top becoming loose until it fell off of her. By the time she managed to glance back and notice that there was no one chasing her, she had totally lost her breath, and dropped to the ground in exhaustion. She had hoped to meet some women to treat… she feared men.

After about five minutes of rest, she heard other voices, and was sure that they were female voices, so she slid off her bikini bottom, threw it aside, out of her sight. She placed one hand upon her breasts and the other between her thighs, and pretended to be sleeping, waiting for the women to arrive.

Conversations between the women got louder, and Melody knew that the women were getting closer, her pussy was getting wetter, she forced herself to stay out of her clit in order to continue to pretend to be asleep.

Two women appeared, and Melody opened her eyes just to take a peek at them, without them knowing. One girl was taller and thinner, nice breasts, red hair, she was wearing hiking shorts and a button down shirt. The other women was slightly shorter and a little heavier, her breasts were much larger.

Melody continued to pretend to sleep, the two women were commenting on her, but Melody couldn’t make out their conversation until she heard, “I want that pussy… if she is sleeping naked here, she wants me to take it” in a few seconds Melody felt hands on her thighs, opening her legs, a tongue soon met her clit.

No reaction from Melody except her moans of pleasure, she was trying to give the girls total control. One of the women grabbed Melody’s tits with both hands, fondling them roughly…

Clothing sliding off their bodies and hitting the ground, Melody could hear and she realized that they were both naked when one woman sat on her face, expecting Melody to eat her… that’s is what she did…

The three women continued, eating each other, touching each other, until it became dark and cold, the two women got up and got dressed, and left, Melody never spoke a word to them, and she hardly even saw the two women she had just had sex with, and that is the way she wanted it…

Laying there naked for a while, until she fingered herself roughly, remembering the experience she had just had, Melody realized she had just had done a very dangerous thing. She could have be hurt, or even killed. She knew from that moment forward, she was going to need to get grips on her sexuality, come out, if need be. Look for safer ways to satisfy her desires.

Melody hated rejection. She hardly ever attempted to pick up strange women, not a cold pick-up anyway, in college, she knew enough people to arrange an introduction if it was someone she’d never spoken to before. There was a time when she’d been able to gamble a pitch at any woman who looked available, an ability energized by an almost frantic need for sexual contact. One suffered the rejections in order to gain the acceptances. But no more.!


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