Back to College in ‘Corn, College & Karter’


Candice Christian takes us back to college, to meet to lovely 18 year old co-eds. Sloane and Karter. Away from home, and no friends to talk to Sloane is met by her aggressive next door neighbor Karter, also living in the dorm.  The friendship starts off slow and looks as if the two just aren’t compatible.

But Karter is persistent and forces her neighbor to talk, and then get acquainted. In the middle of Nebraska, there isn’t much to do, so being without friends can really be tough on a young girls 2000 miles from her home in Florida. Sloane drops her tough façade and in no time they are joined at the hip, and other places too.  Below is a sample:


‘My God that’s a lot of corn!’ thought Sloane. ‘as she drove throught the beginnings of the upper Mid West. Corn, Corn and more Corn.

‘I sure hope there is more to see when i eventually get to school.’ she wished, ‘i had hopes of beautiful buildings, handsome hunky guys and lots of clubs to party. What do I see? CORN! I don’t even like corn, this must be my punishment for having lustful thoughts of boys and kissing and touching and stuff.’ Sloane was self flagellating in her mind’

 Sloane drove to the place she’d be calling home for the next four years, a million thoughts were flying through her head.

‘Why did I let my parents convince me to live someplace cold?’ she wondered. ‘And why do I have to move so far away from home?’

The month was August and the year was 2017, and Sloane was en route to the Chadron State College in Nebraska from her home in Fort Meyer, Florida.

Although she’d wanted to stay in the Tampa Bay area to attend college, her parents had insisted she go to a small school with a good reputation. And since her parents were paying her tuition, Sloane wasn’t in any position to argue.

Still, that didn’t mean she had to be happy about it. In her mind, making the jump from sun, palm trees and sand to snow and corn was none too appealing. As that thought passed through her mind, she looked out the passenger-side window just in time to see a “Welcome to Iowa” sign. ‘Dear God, what the hell am I doing in IOWA?’ she thought angrily. ‘How could I have gotten myself into this crap?’

About the only bright side of Sloane’s move was getting as far away from her high school classmates as possible. Sloane had hated high school because she’d been overweight, which her classmates had taken as an open invitation to ridicule her.

But after graduating, Sloane was determined to enter college with a new look and attitude. And by the time she was preparing to leave for college, three months of tennis and low-fat foods had dropped her to a svelte 122 pounds.

The results were nothing short of astounding. For the first time, her well-proportioned body was making people notice Sloane’s beautiful smile, sparkling blue eyes and long, brown hair.

As her own harshest critic, even Sloane had to admit she liked what she saw in the mirror. Still, the feelings of self-doubt she’d been branded with in high school continued to painfully twist and writhe deep inside of her.

One hour later …

When Sloane finally reached Chadron, the city lacked skyscrapers but the number of people downtown surprised her.

‘This actually looks like a busy place,’ Sloane mused. ‘Maybe this isn’t as much of a death sentence as I thought.’

After finding the Chadron State campus, she was pleased to see how uncrowded it was. More than 3,000 people had attended Sloane’s high school, and she was a little tired of constantly bumping elbows with her classmates.

Sloane found her dormitory room, and was somewhat disappointed with its small dimensions and outdated furniture – the curtains looked like something straight out of a 60s horror movie. Still, she had heard nightmare stories about some students SHARING 10-foot-by-10-foot rooms with no kitchens or bathrooms, so Sloane knew she was lucky.

After unpacking for about 15 minutes, Sloane laid back on her bed and sighed.

‘God, I want SO badly to meet a guy here,’ she thought. ‘I hope I didn’t work my butt off all summer long for nothing. I just can’t believe I’m 18 now and I still haven’t had a boyfriend. …’

Sloane’s thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door. She felt a quick pang of nervousness before remembering she was in Chadron, not Florida, and her chances of being burglarized were considerably slimmer.

“Come in!” she said loudly.

The door opened and a young, smiling girl who looked about Sloane’s age bounded in.

“Hey there,” the stranger smiled as she extended her hand. “I’m Karter.”

Karter was wearing cut-off blue jeans, a Mickey Mouse T-shirt and a Minnesota Vikings baseball cap, out of which her long, wavy brown hair flowed. Sloane returned Karter’s smile as they shook hands, but couldn’t help feeling jealous as she eyed Karter’s beautiful features.

‘Hmmm, she certainly LOOKS typical of the spoiled girl who’s never put any effort into her looks or personality,’ Sloane thought. ‘If that’s not reason enough for me to hate her, I don’t know what is.’

“Um, I’m Sloane,” she responded unenthusiastically.

“Nice to meet you.”

“Cool!” Karter said. “It looks like you and I are gonna be neighbors, so I thought I’d come over and introduce myself.”

Tired after her long drive and not in the mood to talk, Sloane managed only to nod her head.

“Say, I’m headed over to fraternity row to check out the houses,” Karter said. “You wanna come along? I don’t know anybody here yet, and I don’t feel like going alone. …”

The image of a long walk full of forced, uncomfortable conversation flashed through Sloane’s mind.

“Oh … um, no thanks,” she responded. “I’m really tired, and I think I’m gonna unpack a little more and then go to bed.”

Karter looked disappointed. “Well, all right,” she said. “I guess I’ll see you later then.”

Sloane was relieved when Karter left. Karter had seemed to perfectly fit the description of a “party girl,” and those were the people who had teased Sloane the most in high school.

‘You were pretty unfriendly there, Slo,’ Sloane scolded herself as she opened her suitcase. ‘But at least she probably won’t bother you again. …’


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