‘I M P U L S E’ Candice Christian’s release.




Happily married Nicole feels she is missing something in life. Marriage to her spouse Thomas is not giving her the thrills she so much yearns for. She eventually comes to grips with her strange impulse that keeps nagging away at her mind and body day after day, hour after hour, minute by minute. But unable to put her finger on it.

Watching an old movie on Netflix, a sexually charged lesbian conversation between the actresses give Nicole the epiphany she has been searching for. Soon she is focused on how to engage in the lesbian lifestyle.

Blindly she searches the internet, starting with Bi-sexual women. That turns into a front for a man searching of a threesome. Not what Nicole is looking for. In the end, she discovers Elena, and the beautiful Latina lesbian initiates Nicole quickly into the passionate world of female on female sex.

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