Wrestling Mothers Club & Cat and Mouse


Cat and Mouse pic                     Wrestling Mothers Club


Wrestling Mothers Club

 I forced myself to slow down. I would at least finish chewing my mouthful of salad before ripping into her for keeping this secret from me for so long.

 “When did you have a kid?” I almost shouted, speaking as if I had a mouth full of bread, as I had been caught so off guard by her statement that I had started speaking with my mouth still full of salad. Danielle just laughed at me.

 “I guess that’s just the name the name the league started with… you don’t actually have to be a mother to join. There is no Mother’s test” She teased.

 We were having lunch at the diner around the corner from the office and I looked around with embarrassment after my outburst, hoping no one from our office was within earshot.

 Danielle, or Dani as I have called her almost since we first met, and I have been best friends for ten years. We bonded almost instantly upon her first starting with our small firm. Sitting at lunch she had just nonchalantly mentioned that she has been wrestling other women in a `Wrestling Mothers Club’ for almost a full year.

 My initial response was more a result of the shock I felt from hearing about this for the first time. Dani and I share everything, there were no taboos, or at least I thought there weren’t. That was a big part of why I was so stunned to learn that she had been doing this for almost a year and this was the first I was hearing of it.

 Deep breathe, trying not to chew like a cow, but anxious to get to my next several hundred questions, I was genuinely surprised by the anger that was welling up inside of me. This was a real betrayal. How could she not have mentioned this earlier, we talk about everything, there is nothing Dani doesn’t know about me. Yet she had been in a `WRESTLING’ league for nearly a year and this was the first I was hearing of it.

 “How did you get started?” I managed to stammer after a premature swallow of my half chewed salad.

 You remember Sally? She used to work in HR”

 “How could I forget, she used to dress for work like she was soliciting money for sex!”

 Dani chuckled and said, “Well she mentioned it to me and I figured I would give it a go, it is the best exercise I have ever gotten.”

 This was undoubtedly true as it takes us back to how this conversation got started. Dani has always been very heavy ever since I met her ten years ago. At a short 5 foot 1 inch tall, I would guess she was usually around 150 pounds. She is fortunate in as much as she is very curvy, a good deal of her extra weight can be found in her ample breasts, and while she has always worn her weight well, there was no hiding the fact that she was a junk food junkie. I never considered Dani to be fat though, her extra weight fit her bubbly personality and her eighties style teased hair frames her round face perfectly. I have always considered Dani to be extremely cute, but it is possible that her amazing personality plays a huge role in how unbelievably adorable I find her. Regardless of my mood, Dani has always been able to cheer me up just be walking into the room. That is such a rare gift that I have treasured our close friendship since we met, and I would dare say that I have never been as close with anyone as I am with Dani.

Still, I could not believe what I was hearing. A calming wave settled over me as I realized Dani was pulling my leg.

“Dani, you’re so full of it, you really had me going there for a second. Now really, tell me how you lost those twenty pounds or you really will be in a wrestling match much sooner than you expect.”

“I am not pulling your leg, I really am in a wrestling league, and if you wanna know for sure, go ahead and come at me. I will have you crying mercy before your back hits the floor.” She said with her trademark chuckle making the last two words sound like part of her laugh.

As I stared at her I could tell by her eyes that she was telling the truth. My calm was being replaced with the surprising anger I felt just a few moments prior, “How the hell did you not mention this earlier? I seriously want to kick your ass right now” I said without a trace of humor.

Her cold stare brought me back down to earth as she uttered two words I could tell she meant.

“Try it!”

A few moments of silence followed as I pondered the fact that in our ten years of friendship this was the closest we had ever come to an argument.

“I am sorry” I conceded. “It just really hurts to hear that you have been doing something like this for almost a year and this is the first that I am hearing of it.”

 “Well I wasn’t sure how you would take it, I mentioned it to Deke and he wanted to watch, he even had me matched up with a wife of a friend of his. Big breasted Amazon named Anna. That started out alright but it ended pretty nasty”

 Dani’s husband Deke was perhaps one of the lecherous people I have ever met, so I could see where she might be concerned about telling anyone else.

 “I am not Deke, and could you really see me trying to take advantage of you over it?”

 “That’s why I am telling you.”

 “Yeah, nearly a year late.”

 Against my will a smile came across my face. I told Dani she was buying lunch and that was the end of my angst. I could not sit across the table from her and seriously be angry with her for more than a moment. Although she is a good ten years older then me, her smooth round face makes her appear that we are nearly the same age. Looking into those green eyes on her cherubic face, I could not possibly stay angry.

“You’re the stingiest boss I have ever had.” She replied with a chuckle and we were back on solid ground.

 “So does Deke still line up opponents to wrestle?” of all the questions I had I don’t know why I asked this first.

“No way!” she replied, “And he was totally pissed when I told him I was rolling around with that big titted amazon again at the club. He was totally shocked at me.”

We spent the next 30 minutes with Dani answering my seemingly unending stream of questions about her secret hobby. I was completely infatuated with the topic.


Cat and Mouse


 Overly developed for her age of eighteen, Rhonda had a body that reflected the cheerleader she was at her last year of high school. Long, blonde hair, large blue eyes, full, pouty lips, a truly beautiful girl. But her body was what she was most proud of. She worked out at the gym as often as possible, creating a tight upper body that supported full, 34C breasts. They were set off by her tiny waist, washboard abs that pouted above her usual skimpy belly shirt, and rather full, round yet very firm ass. Her legs were slender, but the thighs muscular and almost always encased in skin-tight jeans or miniskirt. She particularly liked to wear the latest stretch leggings and Sketchers that the girls her age were wearing, with tiny belly tank tops.

 The leggings helped accentuate her legs and ass, and drew the most admiring stares. Rhonda’s clothes were always perfectly picked for the day, as revealing as possible, and always to show off her sexy young body. When she was in the mall with her girlfriends, she always noticed the boys–and some girls–eying her with more than idle interest. She knew they were playing fantasies out in their minds as she swayed by in her sexiest walk.

 She had had several boyfriends, but they were starting to bore her. They all had the same technique, very tiring. Her eye was beginning to wander to the female bodies she noticed in the mall and at the movies–and at school. It had started with just checking out what her girlfriends were wearing to more detailed interest. Focusing on the supple movement of asses under tight jeans, short skirts and wondering how a cheek would feel to her hand. Looking for a stray nipple through a sheer blouse and thinking about how it would harden to her tongue. Watching for an attractive, sexy girl to lick her moist lips and imagining what it might be like to press her lips against another girl’s. Nothing had happened yet with another girl, but she felt she was ripe for the moment. She would fantasize about one or two of the girls at school on the team, or perhaps a saleslady at one of the clothing stores. She just sensed the moment was drawing near for that magically erotic experience.

 Rhonda had been babysitting for the Franklin family over a year. Roger Franklin was always on business trips out of town, and his wife Alexa was always involved in some social occasion and going out until late at night. Alexa Franklin was a stunning brunette with dark, sensual Mediterranean features.

 Beautiful, emerald green eyes, abundant dark brown hair, thick and pouty Mediterranean lips. She always wore quite a bit of makeup when she went out and was proud of her long, perfectly manicured blood-red fingernails. For a woman in her late thirties, Alexa’s body was incredible! Perhaps 36D tits, wasp-like waist, tight, full ass cheeks. Her clothes were what Rhonda thought she’d eventually be wearing when she got to Alexa’s age.

 She tended to wear tight, form-fitting leather jeans, tank tops, short, tight skirts. Even just around the house when Rhonda was over, Alexa’s jeans or shorts were usually tight and sexy. Always in either high heel stilettos or boots, Alexa turned many heads–including Rhonda’s. Over the last few months, the young girl was beginning to admit the older woman into her fantasies while bringing herself off at home alone.

 Alexa and Roger had a couple of young children, who went to bed early, so the night was usually left up to Rhonda until Alexa came home. In the first few weeks, Rhonda did the standard watching TV or reading. However, in time, she began to get curious about Alexa’s private world and would go through her lingerie drawer and fondle various silk panties and bras.

 Eventually, she would put the panties to her nose and inhale the clean, slightly musky odor at the crotch. It helped add to the intensity of her beginning fantasies about the dark older woman. After a few months, she finally began to explore the Franklin’s laptop which, was, oddly enough, set up at a small desk in the bedroom. Rhonda easily manipulated the programming until she got to a personal document file under Alexa’s initials and found that she actually wrote sex stories for the Amazon!

 Being curious about sex in general and really curious about Alexa Franklin’s sexuality in particular, Rhonda was just dying to get into her computer and check out her secret sex files. The young girl was more than curious–she was terribly and extremely excited to see them. Rhonda knew she wrote stories about sex, but thought they would be pretty tame stuff. What she read, however, she couldn’t believe. Rhonda couldn’t believe all the things she was reading about this sexy older woman! They were very hard core lesbian! So dirty, such filth! She was into kinky S&M! Alexa liked to be dominated, most of all by women–she liked to have her tits slapped!

 What a whore! And worst of all some of the things were so HOT! Alexa was one hot bitch! For some reason the idea of this gorgeous older woman being kind of slutty and definitely kinky really turned Rhonda on. A lot! The high school girl would sit at the screen reading Alexa’s personal stories and fantasies and get incredibly horny. Rhonda started masturbating to her stories. It was very strange, because it was in the woman’s bedroom. Her bedroom was like a part of her. It was like Rhonda was masturbating in front of the older woman. It was almost like having sex with the woman! The girl would read about all the sexy things she did, how she sucked some woman’s pussy and then thanked her for the privilege or drank her pee. Rhonda would pretend she was the woman, her Mistress, and Alexa was her precious little obedient slave. That would really turn the girl on. The idea of controlling and dominating the sexy older woman was intoxicating. And not just controlling her, that would be cool in itself but controlling her sexually,making her a sex slave! Most of her stories are about female to female domination with her as the slave, so Rhonda created a fantasy world with herself as Alexa’s dominatrix!

 After discovering these stories and reading them for a few weekends, Rhonda started noticing Alexa very differently. The girl would imagine her in the sex acts she described. When Rhonda looked at the woman, she saw her on her knees satisfying a woman with her mouth. When Alexa greeted her at the door for a babysitting night and got ready for her night out, Rhonda started actually checking out her ass and huge jutting tits. Looking at her breasts, sizing her up, watching her full lips as she wet them with her tongue, Rhonda could taste them. The girl couldn’t help fantasizing about the voluptuous older woman. The more she read about her on the computer, the more Rhonda thought about her. Rhonda had the hots for Alexa!

 The sexy young track star would stare at the woman’s tight ass and think how pretty it looked. She would wonder what it would be like to touch it and rub her face against it and kiss it. To pry open those cheeks, bury her nose in the crack and take a long, sexy smell at the woman’s asshole. Rhonda started to develop a passionate crush on Alexa Franklin! Rhonda would fantasize about being Alexa’s girlfriend and kissing her, seeing her naked, what her pussy looked like and tasting it. Perhaps going out on a date with her to the movies, holding hands, necking in the back of the theater. On one hand, the torrid sexual thrill of lesbian dominance, on the other a romantic picture of two girlfriends on a date. She couldn’t get the woman out of her head!

 Finally, Rhonda decided that she wanted the older woman to be her bitch. She knew the buxom brunette was a sub lesbian slut and wanted her for herself. Needless to say, it became awkward around Alexa when she came over to babysit.

 Rhonda decided if at all possible to seduce the older woman! If the woman was as big a slut as she portrayed herself in her stories it was going to be easy. But she didn’t dare just put the moves on her. What if she was turned off? Then things would really be awful between them. And what if her husband found out? So she decided to go very slowly. Rhonda had to figure out how to seduce this sexy, gorgeous female! The scheming girl decided to work all her girlish charms on this woman.

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