A Close Shave – Candice Christian

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Candice Christian has been busy lady this February. Another HOT! story about lesbian romance. The story is about Anna and Robin, two women that meet by chance on a rainy morning. The reaction each has to meeting the other woman is smoldering.

Anna slowly brings Robin to a fever pitch, just ripe for release. From there it is non-stop between the two. A clever twist on the ‘mentor and protégé’ tale. Robin the protégé proves to be a quick learner and an eager learner.

A Sample from A Close Shave-

Anna looked up and smiled. She reached for Robin’s hand and gently pulled her to the floor. Robin stretched out on her back, pulled her knees up and opened her legs to fully expose herself to Anna’s soft view.

 Anna looked at her from between her thighs, as she squeezed the shavingfoam into her hand. She reached forward and gently began to massage it into Robin’s red bush. Her fingers dipping into every fold, softening the hair ready for her to glide the razor over it, leaving a smooth mound in which to bury her tongue.

 She picked up the razor. Robin was playing with her nipples, which stood up erect and hard. She gasped as the razor slid over her skin. She had felt it many times before, but this time was different. It was in the hand of another woman.

 The red curls fell away, exposing her pink swollen lips. Her clitoris pushing out of it’s hood to stand erect.

 It took all of Anna’s control not to bury her tongue between Robin’s thighs and savor the exquisite sensation of baby-soft skin against her face. The smooth mons, The pouting exposed outer lips. She had dreamed of this moment too long to spoil it by rushing.

 The first time she had shaved her pussy had been when she was 14. Her brother left one of his girlie magazines out and she had found it. She had got wetter and wetter as she had looked at the girls, sliding her hand inside her jeans she had brushed through her short blond hairs, rubbing her clitoris, feeling it harden. Then she had turned the page and her life had changed. The picture of two girls with shaved mounds was the most erotic thing she had ever seen. That night she had gone to the bathroom, found her fathers razors and gently removed all of her pubes. The feeling of cool air creeping around her exposed lips was beyond description, as she orgasmed again and again. That night she had promised herself that she would remain shaved forever.

 “We need to rinse you off” she said dreamily to Robin. The two girls stepped into the shower, the water streaming down their bodies. Robin felt Anna behind her, her shaved mound rubbing against her cheeks, her hand reaching round and caressing her breasts, sliding down over her exposed pussy. Gently washing away the last of the foam.

 She had never felt so exposed or so sexy as at that moment. She leaned back into Anna and allowed her the water and her lover’s hand to caress her.

 Anna’s right hand kneaded and stroked her firm buttocks, then slid down into the cleft, her middle finger leading. It eased across her anus, using the water to warm and lubricate the hole. Then she gently eased her finger into Robin’s tight asshole.

 Robin was gasping for breath as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body. She pushed down on the fingers inside her and the fireworks exploded inside her head, as her body spasmed.

 As they stepped from the shower their lips meet, tongues flicking across each other, drinking in each other. They kissed until the cool air raised goosebumps on their skin.

 Robin stroked the towel across her and gently pushed Anna down until she stretched out on the floor. With long gentle strokes she dried Anna’s legs, with each one slowly easing them apart, until he pink lips were fully exposed.

She leaned forward and gently tasted a woman for the first time.

 The feel of skin on skin and smooth warmth as she ran her tongue up over the shaved mound then down between her swollen, moist lips was almost too much. She burrowed her tongue deeply into Anna’s hole, sucking the juices flowing out, flicking the clitoris, which stood up like a tiny cock, swirling her tongue around her puckered anus, then back to her clitoris. Back and forth.

 Anna’s hand grasped Robin’s head forcing her tongue deeper, her orgasm building rapidly. Her whole world focusing on Robin’s tongue she exploded, once, twice, three times.

 Robin barely remembered taking Anna’s hand and leading her to the bedroom, where they collapsed on the bed, curled into each other, legs entwined, nipple to nipple. Both drifting off to sleep.

 Robin awoke with a start. Anna was gone. All that remained was a pair of shimmering blue panties folded on the pillow next to her head. She reached across and lifted them, feeling the dampness. Lifting them she inhaled the musky aroma. As she did so a small platinum ring slid across her stomach and came to rest on her smoothly shaved mound. Robin decided to take the day off, lay in bed and dream about her experience with Anna.



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