Penetrating Eyes!

New From Candice Christian.  


Penetrating Eyes!

This kiss wasn’t soft. It was hard and filled with passion –passion that came from both mouths, from both souls. As they kissed, Amanda cupped Becca’s bare breasts in her hands and felt them as they heaved with her lust.

Now it was Becca’s turn to return to those black fountains of delight. Before becoming Amanda’s lover, Becca had never really been attracted to black women. Now she found the deep darkness of her skin an  aphrodisiac.

Becca took her time and waited for a few seconds before she finally kissed one of the ebony nipples that stood there, beckoning her like a searchlight in the fog. Now she ran her tongue around the nipple and  her lips around it, kissing it and sucking on it with pleasure and desire

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