Daniella, a teen musical prodigy delivers a phenomenal performance to a standing room only crowd much to the delight of her dedicated music teacher Saundra who goes backstage to congratulate her prized student. Once backstage the teacher is shocked by what she sees.


Eighteen-year-old Daniella had just given the performance of a lifetime in front of a roaring crowd. Her proud teacher Saundra was so excited with her performance she rushed backstage to congratulate her young prodigy. She finds her in her dressing room unwinding from her emotional moment. Unaware Saundra was watching the teen’s unwinding took on a new meaning for Saundra as she watched the teen come down from her high and relax.

Watching the beautiful Daniella alone and uninhibited stirred something in Saundra she had never experienced before. The beauty of the girl registered in Saundra in a way it never had before. So, she remained out of sight while Daniella finally relaxed head off for the shower after her stirring performance.

Saundra so caught up in the experience of Daniella’s outstanding performance, and catching her unaware in a very private moment decides to help the young girl celebrate her monumental day and goes into the shower room to tell her of her plans to celebrate the evening. Too young to take out for a drink the aroused teacher improvises and comes up with a more private celebration for the two of them.

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