Leigh and Megan became friends after Leigh was a victim of a brutal attack and left for dead in a deserted park but luckily Megan was walking her dog at the same time and found the bleeding girl and got help saving Leigh’s life.


Megan and Leigh developed a deep romantic relationship following a horrible event in Leigh’s life. She was a victim of a sexual assault and left to die in a remote area of a public park. Megan fortunately was walking her dog near the spot of the attack and found the severely wounded girl, saving her life.

Megan stays at Leigh’s side during her stay in the hospital, and when she is well enough to leave, Megan offers to stay with her until she is completely recovered. During That time of convalescence Leigh and Megan’s budding friendship blooms into a romantic relationship.

But all good things must end, and the two women have a falling out over a misunderstanding causing Leigh to move back to Canada away from Megan. The two remain apart for some time, though both realize that the spark between them is not gone. But neither wants to make the first move. Hopefully one of the women will come to their senses.

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