The FBI’s Most Wanted Criminal is a woman murderer known as the Spaniard who enjoys toying with her prey before doing away with them.


A female serial killer known as the Spaniard captures a young woman while camping in the Great Smoky Mountains. For the Spaniard, who has been on the FBI’s most wanted list most of the year, hunting down her prey is most of the thrill in what she does. She had stalked the woman to the Great Smoky Mountains and is poised to make her move.

Once she hunts down and captures a young woman, Evony, she subjects her to unspeakable humiliations and degradation before tiring of the game and eliminates the woman. She goes through her things afterward and finds a photo on the body, the photo is of another woman, Kelsey, that could be Evony’s twin save for the auburn hair. The discovery arouses the Spaniard’s interest just as Evony did.

Aboard her private jet, the depraved killer heads for the small town she has learned the girl in the photograph lives.  She finds her target working in a small town working alone in an even smaller post office. Unknown to the killer, the young postal worker has already had a morning from hell, and customers have tested her mettle and her judgment. As far as  Kelsey is concerned, the killer is just going to have to wait her turn.

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