Gina has made a sport of picking up lipstick lesbians, sharing a rollicking time with them then leaving them feeling exploited but satisfied until one night changed everything.


Gina has just moved to Cincinnati and to put herself back into her normal routine in the new city she goes on the prowl for a willing sub in a local watering hole. Spies Kim sitting alone and determines she is an ideal candidate for her needs.

Kim eagerly asks Gina to join her for a drink at her table and then the scheming Gina turns on the charm. After lots of inuendoes and naughty conversation brought on by drinks, Gina suggests they adjourn to her apartment for another drink since the bar is about to close.

The two women stagger back to Gina’s and in no time the two have completely forgotten about another drink and are thinking of much more intimate ways to pass the time the rest of the evening. In her brain, Gina is congratulating herself for such an easy seduction but when she tries to leave, the room starts spinning and then everything goes dark. She learns later her congratulations were a bit premature.

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