Very cute Suzie moved from Canada to attend college in the US. Her very strict Catholic upbringing has caused her a bit of difficulty fitting in with the other girls and she seeks help from one of her few friends for advice.


Suzie was raised in Canada; her life was among a very strict Catholic sect and her moral compass was fixed on a very conservative course. That is until she moved to the US to attend college. A new world opened to her, some of that world was very confusing. Her interest in girls was much more romantic than her interest in boys.  

Eventually, she makes friends but the things they want to do defy everything she has learned about romantic involvement. Fearing she may lose the girl she has the biggest crush on she turns to several friends, members of a girl gang on campus. She asks them to teach her how to hold on to her love interest even if she has to ignore her Catholic morals.

She confides in Fiona who agrees to help by taking her to Madison. Madison, Suzie knows has to morals of an alleycat and should be just the thing she needs to get into the swing of true romantic involvement. Suzie however loses her focus and quickly falls for Madison. Madison believes what she teaches Suzie will be a tremendous shock to her puritanical sensibilities. But she is so WRONG.

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