Beauties, Veronica, and Miranda are both secret agents, both on vacation, and both booked into the same resort at the same time.


Veronica was planning on some rest and relaxation during her vacation. She was booked into one of the premier resorts in the mid-west expecting to blend in and avoid any stress and tension that goes with her job as a spy. Of course, she hoped to find a cute little honey to play with at night.

The major problem with Veronica’s expectation is that she is a drop-dead gorgeous and turns heads wherever she goes. To add to the problem, Miranda, equally beautiful as Veronica is staying at the same resort. Finally, both Miranda and Veronica are secret agents for opposite countries.

Unwittingly the two meet over the blackjack tables. Both are attracted to one another and both figured in this out-of-the-way place it was highly unlikely the other girl was a spy also. Their initial meeting leads to an invitation to Miranda’s room for some fun and game to keep them occupied during the night.  

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