Eight Stories of Erotic Lesbian Relationships

A collection of lesbian erotica that encompasses themes from alien contact and lesbian seduction to wrestling lesbians, all filled with passion, lust, and perverted desires.

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A Demon in My Bed

Lauren’s widowed father begins dating every gorgeous woman in town but tells her daughter he is going to ask Crystal to move in with them Crystal a real plain Jane with a dark secret

When the Dyke Bursts

Fran and Patti, two flight attendants are working an overnight flight to Munich with plans to take in Oktoberfest in Patti’s hometown on their three-day layover.

Preoccupied with Blondes

Sunny runs a small shop in a small town that is quite popular with teenagers. Three very cute 18-year-old teenage blondes grab her attention, and she gets hooked. Her biggest challenge is to keep each of them from knowing about the others.

A Game Out of Control

Tammy is a lesbian predator. Her main goal in life is to seduce as many heterosexual coeds as she can

A Rite of Passage

Haleigh is a cute 18-year-old college coed. She is like all girl’s her age save for one thing. She is, first of all, a lesbian, secondly, she seems to be sexually aroused night and day, and lastly, she is very much a virgin, something she hopes to rectify before she is another year older.

Unexpected Vengeance

When Lindsey returns home after work from her nursing job in the ER at the city’s major hospital, she is met with a shocking surprise, her ex-partner, Jordan is lying dead in a pool of blood in her bed.

Even the Score

A wrong number phone call at 2:30 AM and long nights at the office causes Tammy to conclude her partner Sunny is cheating on her. When she tells her friend Beth, she tells Tammy she’s overreacting and to put it out of her mind, then shows up at Tammy’s that night and seduces her.

Catch and Release: A Jobber’s Lament

Rochelle wants to video a wrestling match between herself and another woman, so she hires a Vicky a famous wrestling jobber. It took a lot of convincing to get Vicky to agree, but the effort was worth it to Rachelle. And so was Vicky.

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