Following  an appropriate period of mourning Lauren’s widowed father begins dating beauties with a vengeance until he brings home plain Crystal a potential stepmother with a dark secret.


Lauren’s mother died, when she was at seventeen and her father followed his period of grieving with hookups with one beautiful woman after the other. His bedroom should have had a revolving door there was so much carousing going on in there.

Then Crystal, a real plain Jane, came into his life and things changed, causing young Lauren mixed feelings about having another female living in her house. Surprised that Crystal was not the beauty that her father had normally bedded. Creating a situation that made Lauren suspicious, even more so when her father announced he and Crystal were to wed,

Lauren’s suspicions grew and grew to evolve into paranoia. Lauren was sure Crystal was more attracted to her than her father. The suspicions and the paranoia soon brought on a series of nightmares. Nightmares of an evil and perverted nature. When things appeared darkest, Lauren gets a surprise when Crystal asked her to be her maid of honor.

The two women take an evening to get more acquainted and to celebrate Lauren’s high school graduation. While out together Lauren senses there is more to Crystal than meets the eye, little knowing how much of an understatement that actually was.

Lauren’s widowed father grieved an appropriate period before he began dating other women. He quickly bedded voluptuous beauties with a vengeance. The pattern continued until he brought home the plain-looking Crystal as a potential stepmother for Lauren. Crystal carries with her a dark secret. A secret that will change how Lauren views the world.

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