Jessie has a thing for sexy Latinas and has had relationships with more thaN a few hot-blooded ladies of that persuasion, though they seemed to always end in disaster.


Jessie is passing a local lesbian bar on her way home from work and finds her current lover, Lena coming out of the establishment holding hands and laughing. Thinking her current lover is cheating on her she decides to go to  one of her old hangouts she knows in a favorite with the lesbian Latina crowd.

She allows herself to be charmed by the silver-tongued Marisol and after several drinks, Marisol leaves and returns sometime later with Angela and Raquel. The three strangers convince quite inebriated  Jessie to go with them to a place they know that is quieter and offers a bit of privacy.

When the three get to their destination, Jessie realizes she is far from her home and has no idea where she is. In addition to being disoriented, she gets the distinct feeling the three girls from the bar are planning to use Jessie as their personal plaything. Despite her protests, Marisol, Angela, and Raquel take turns with the unwitting Jessie.

When the girls have satisfied their curiosity with Jessie they unceremoniously kick her out and she finds herself used, abused, and far from home on a cold winter evening. She realizes she needs to find her way home find Lena and work their problems out.

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